Perfectly Even Cookie Balls


I’m sure everyone else figured this out a LONG time ago, but while I was making my favorite (and chewy) Molasses cookie recipe I discovered how I could make the perfect, perfectly round cookie balls. - Perfect Cookie Balls

I had a small ice cream scoop at one point, but it would always get gummed up with the dough. I’ve also used regular kitchen spoons, but I don’t ever get the perfectly consistent amount every time, and it seemed to take forever to round out those balls perfectly.

My little ah-ha moment last week was to use a round table spoon as my scoop, and a small teaspoon to pop the dough out. I got those cookies onto the cookie sheet in record time and they all cooked evenly.

BOOM! Mind blown, anyone?

How do you get cookie dough onto the cookie sheet? Or does it go straight into your mouth like half of this recipe did into mine?

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    1. alana says:

      Restaurant supply stores sell “portion scoops” which are ice cream scoops with the little trigger to release the ice cream. Those work great and come in a ton of sizes. That’s what professional bakers use to make nice round cookies :)

    2. Amy h says:

      Cookie dough scoop! It’s one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

    3. Heidi says:

      I just use a cookie dough scoop. Try one, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life!

    4. Cassidy says:

      I go back and forth on my cookie dough scoop. It tends to get gummed up like you said. I’ll have to try this next time I make cookies. That may be today… :)

    5. Cassidy says:

      Tried it last night :) I think it worked pretty well!

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