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I am so proud of what my calligraphy students have been doing since taking my workshop. It just fills me with so much joy to see people get that fire and love for lettering and run with it! Today I thought I’d share with you a few projects from previous students.


Did I tell you how proud of these women I am??


Alice now does custom family plaques for people. You can see them all on her instagram. I love the round shape!


Emily was using her awesome handwriting to address envelopes before. Now she’s adding more panache with the thicks and thins of the pointed pen. See her work here.


Katherine made a logo for her best friend. I love the meandering, organic line.


Lindsay penned her save the date, just 10 days into taking my course!! I’m floored, I love this so.

I’m hoping to make this a semi-regular thing. If you’ve taken my online (or live) course and you’d like to share a project that you’re particularly proud of, email me using the contact form above. I would LOVE to see! If you’re on instagram, be sure to follow/use the hash tag #istilllovecalligraphy.


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    1. I love this! I just started your online class and I’m loving it so far!

    2. Tessie says:

      This is funny, because I was just getting ready to contact you and update you about life since taking your course last fall, which was wonderful! I’ve been having a blast and just created an Instagram account strictly for my calligraphy and other art I’ve been working on. Please check out @TessieLovesCalligraphy on Instagram!

    3. Melissa says:

      That darn waffle truck – I dream about them.

    4. Atout says:

      I just finished your course and absolutely loved it! My 30 days expired before I completed the lessons (I picked a busy time to start the class) but I still plan on finishing the exercises and practicing. Thank you for offering such an informative and wonderfully fun course!

    5. *holly. says:

      Melissa, you are so sweet for including me in this! Thank you! I have gotten a few more inquiries for logos since sharing that one on my blog. And, of course, everyone asks how I started doing calligraphy which then leads me back to #istillovecalligraphy. Thanks again! *holly.

    6. melissa! thank you so much for featuring me as one of your students – what a treat! your online calligraphy class was the best. i love having a unique hobby that i can keep pushing myself to improve on. thanks for getting me off to a great start!

    7. Summer says:

      I am FLOORED by how beautiful these creations are! These ladies have some serious skill. I am particularly impressed with the use of flourishes, which I am still pretty terrible with.

      I am so looking forward to being able to practice more and really loved your course!

    8. I actually just wrote a post about how much I adored your course, along with some samples of how I’m progressing:

      Hope all’s well! Your sewing skills are totally epic!

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