I Still Love Calligraphy Kits & Giveaway CLOSED


My calligraphy kit and workshop is now available for purchase. Head here to get one just in time for Mother’s day. Better hurry, though. Only 20 left.


And to celebrate Mother’s day, I’m doing a giveaway. Not of a kit, but a hand-lettered card set. 10 hand lettered cards on black with an assortment of white, black and teal envelopes.


The 10 lettered cards say:

  • 2 Happy Mother’s Day
  • Happy Happy
  • It’s your lucky day
  • hearts
  • I love you
  • I love everything about you
  • Your my #1
  • You are beautiful
  • You’re awesomesauce

I’ll also be throwing in some other goodies in the care package, goodies you don’t want to miss. Value over $75. See the bottom of the post for entry requirements.







Mandatory for entry:

  • Follow this blog on Bloglovin‘ or subscribe to email updates (on the left)
  • Comment telling me how awesome your mom is
  • Comment before April 29th at 11:59pm
  • US and International entries welcome

For more ways to enter:

  • Follow on instagram & tag me in a photo of your mom (or an awesome mom in your life) with the hashtag #mymomisawesomesauce. Leave a comment here with the link.
  • Like on facebook and tell me about a woman who has inspired you (mother or not). Leave a comment here with the link.

Congratulations MAY!

Good luck!

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    1. katrina garcia says:

      My mom is awesome because after two rounds of chemo, surgery and 31 days of radiation …she is still smiling, still encouraging, still fighting and still faithful. My hero. my inspiration. my motivation.

    2. Danielle says:

      My mom is simply the best! Always good for guidance and advice, but knows when to let me figure things out on my own.

    3. Chrissy says:

      My mom is everything I hope to become. She is kind, compassionate, caring, loving, patient, smart, talented, artsy, and absolutely my favorite woman in the world! I am so honored to be her daughter <3

    4. May says:

      My mom is amazing! She spent all her annual leave to come half way around the world in March when I had my baby. She not only cooked AMAZING Korean food, did laundry and cleaned, she stayed up nights with me, she let me sleep while she fed my son bottles of EBM and helped the baby to sleep (I had mastitis and needed rest). She got pooed on and just loves my son to pieces. I miss my mom so much. She wanted to e-mail everyone she knows with photos of my son. My mom is the best mother and grandmother for me and my son.

    5. EJ says:

      My momma is my best friend! She had me at an extremely young age and I never ever realized that my mom was a teenager for the simple fact that she put me first in everything! She is brave, fearless beyond loving and my greatest joy is now seeing her with her grand-daughter. I know my daughter will be impacted by having that wonderful woman in her life!

    6. Abbey says:

      #mymomisawesomesauce Why? After a lymphoma diagnosis and chemo treatments, SHE has been the one keeping our family so positive! Since losing her hair, all I see are her vibrant, smiling, blue eyes (one of the ONLY things I didn’t inherit from her!) I’m amazed at her beauty & grace daily. And I just love her so much.

    7. laura says:

      my mom is awesome because she’s a steady rock! and she throws killer parties!

    8. steph nelsen says:

      my gorgeous mother has always been an inspirational embodiment of “it’s never too late to be the person you want to be” – she continually reinvented herself throughout our childhood and filled the role that life brought her to with grace and love. A stay at home mom, student, business professional, advanced paramedic, and hobby farmist/equestrian – she did it all while remaining fit, healthy, and stylish. We couldn’t have asked for a better role model!

    9. May says:


      My mom is definitely awesomesauce

    10. Anne says:

      My mom (who is on my way to my house now!) is a huge part of who I am. She has the gift of making people at ease – which I always hope to grow in. She is a hard worker, a supporter of her community, and generally fun to be around. I am thankful for her!

    11. Haylee says:

      I’m subscribed to your lovely blog via email and my mom is freaking awesome because she is my very best friend. I’m in college and probably should be embarrassed of admitting that but I’m not and it’s true!

    12. Noor says:

      I would love to win this. My grandmother raised me and I could not imagine a better mother in my life. She was always patient with me and still always makes even the most small things I do seem important. She was always my mom and dad and best friend.

    13. Karissa says:

      My mom is the best simply because she has stood beside my husband and my dreams and career decisions when my husband decided to go Active Duty Army. It was hard on her to to see me every day and it has been almost three years since I have seen her, and distance between us is far, but she is one of our biggest supporters and has become a stronger person, emotionally, in my eyes from this experience as well. I don’t often give her credit for the wonderful things she does to make holidays special even when we are apart. I truly appreciate and love that she is in this with us!

    14. Virginia says:

      What a wonderful giveaway. I’m following! And my mother is my everything, truly. She has dedicated her career to helping children with disabilities and is the glue that holds my family together.She’s been through a lot…and never places blame. She’s the woman who befriends the Vietnamese couple at the local nail salon to the point of being in the delivery room with them when they welcomed their first child. She’s the woman who came home one day with a pet skunk because it was too cute to pass up. She’s the woman who has an entire closet dedicated to costumes. She’s selfless, she’s strong, she’s a hoot :)

    15. Stephanie Brocious says:

      My mom is the most caring person I can imagine. She is my best friend!

    16. Kristin H says:

      I follow on both :) My mom is awesome for many reasons, one being that she has a true love for teaching children the arts. She drives an hour (total trip) to pick up my girl, so she can attend Kodai lessons once a week. While I was recovering from birth, she and E spent hours at the kitchen table drawing. My mom even wrote and illustrated a Halloween children’s book, just for E.

    17. Suzanne says:

      My mom is pretty darn great – she’s always been there for all of her 3 (wonderful…ahem) kids! But on top of that she also takes care of my grandmother (which is no small feat because my grandmother is quite a trip and a half). She’s been through a little bit of everything and is still going strong for everyone else even when her life has had some troubles of her own. And I follow on Bloglovin’ and instagram too!

    18. Alicia says:

      I love my mom with all my heart because she is the strongest and happiest woman I know!! She loves my brothers, my dad and me with all her soul, she doesnt care about material things and I couldnt ask for a better mom!! ;)
      I would love to give her one of your cards :D

    19. My mom is awesome because she’s given up everything in her own life to provide and raise my brother & I. She’s always selfless and finds a way to be funny throughout it all.

    20. Heidi says:

      My mom is awesome because whether she does it on purpose or not, she always lets us make our own decisions/mistakes rather than telling us what we should do or how she would do it (as adults). I can only hope that I’ll be able to hold my tongue someday.

    21. Rachael says:

      My mom taught me that I can figure anything out. She was never one to wait for my dad to have time to do a project, she did it herself! Except fixing cars, but if it was up to her, we would have sent them to a shop like normal people. :)

    22. Vanessa says:

      My mom is awesome for so many reasons. At the moment, it is mainly because she spent her life raising me and my sisters, and loves every minute of it (even when we are/were little brats). Moms are the best!

    23. Emily K. says:

      I follow you on Bloglovin’!

      My mom is totally awesome! She’s always there when I need her, and she’s the most selfless, helpful person I know. She can be tough sometimes, but I know it’s because she wants my sister and me to be the best we can, and succeed. She’s hilarious and goofy, and I love her!

    24. Annie says:

      My mom is pretty awesome because despite our inability to see eye to eye on so many things I always know she still loves me.

    25. susan says:

      I follow you via email :)

      My mom is awesome for more reasons than I can list here, though I didn’t really understand that until I had kids of my own. Looking back now, as I raise my five little ones, I feel very blessed. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but I never knew that. I never felt worried about whether we’d eat our have clothes or about inviting friends to come over to the house. Our home was clean and welcoming, though very simple and full of mismatched furniture and so on. It would never make for a blog worthy post about an awesomly decorated home, but everyone congregated there just the same. I grew up on simple home cooked meals that I realize now were on a very small budget. I have so much admiration for her because though we disagree about a great deal now, I still feel just as loved as I did when I was little enough to sit on her lap while she braided my hair so that it could be wavy and pretty the next morning. Yup. My mom is awesome.

    26. Joyatee says:

      I follow via Feedly, if that’s ok.

      My mom is such an incredible woman! She grew up in a very chauvinistic society (which one isn’t?), and she was determined to raise me to be as powerful and independent as I could be. Though she was a homemaker for most of her life, she wanted to make sure that her daughter would be as fiercely independent as possible. I am so grateful for all of her words of encouragement over the years.

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    27. Jennifer Jensen says:

      Your cards are simply beautiful! My mom is so awesome because she raised 6 great kids and never lost her mind :)

    28. Erin says:

      My mom is awesome because she is the most selfless person I know who’ll do anything for her kids and grandkids.

    29. kristin says:

      My mom is awesome cuz she’s my best friend and knows pretty much everything about everything! (I love your calligraphy. I really need to sign up for your course!)

    30. Lainy says:

      I am subscribed to your blog and I just purchased your kit and course, excited!

      My mom is awesome because even though she lives in the south and I live in the north, our bond grows more and more each day. I’m in the midst of planning my wedding and I am so excited for us to be sharing this experience together. I cherish her so much, especially after finding out she has an auto-immune disease, and no matter how far we are from each, we are always close in our hearts.
      Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    31. Racheal says:

      My mom is awesomesause because she is the energizer bunny of moms – never stops going! Whether it’s work related or bouncing between 3 kids and their activities in all their different life stages (I’m 26 with 2 brothers, 20 & 17). Between my wedding last year, a high school graduation on the horizon and a very ambitious fireman on her hands – I definitely admire her talents to multi-task every second of the day! She undoubtedly is a super mom!


    32. Heidi says:

      My mom is amazing. She went back to college after my dad passed away, and yesterday I just watched her successfully defend her Master’s thesis on Alzheimer’s Disease education in higher learning. I was so impressed by all the work she has done… and still makes time to be a loving, compassionate grandma!

    33. Rivernik says:

      My mom is awesome because she is kind and hard worker.

    34. Sewnotwork says:

      I just found your blog! Calligraphy has always been an interest of mine. Your cards are beautiful. I was wondering if you spray anything on the cards after you do the calligraphy? To prevent smudging? That might not be an issue using acrylic ink. Do you prefer acrylic inks?

    35. My mom is super awesome. She is independent, courageous, and a great example.

    36. My mom is awesome because she’s the first person to inspire me to branch out to calligraphy – she used to do calligraphy when I was a child.

      P.S. I follow on instagram and bloglovin’

    37. Marissa says:

      My mom is no longer around and I miss her every single day. She was an amazing woman who raised seven children and held down a job; a lot of it on her own. She was one of the kindest and funniest people I’ve known. Every mother’s day is hard without her laughter. But I’m glad for this moment to think of her. :)

    38. Lea Anna says:

      My Mom is pretty great. She’s thoughtful and you can always count on her for good ideas.

    39. Freja says:

      I love my mumma. We don’t live close, so I miss her hugs :)

    40. Marisa says:

      My mom is the best because she loves me even though I can be quite a handful :D and she supports all of my decisions, even if maybe she would prefer something else, but never says “I told you so” if I should fail. She’s always there for me and endures my hour-long shopping trips, and consoles me over a cup of coffee if the search was fruitless. She’s the glue that holds our family together and throws her heart into organizing family parties all the time. She’s the most amazing woman I know, and I cannot thank her enough for all that she’s done (and is still doing) for us!

    41. Catherine says:

      My mom is the absolute best because she has been through so much hardship, especially in the past few years, but continues to live with a positive outlook on life. She has taught me to be my own person and be kind to others. I wish we lived closer to each other!

    42. Lily says:

      Widowed after almost 20 years of marriage and with two girls under 13, my mom stepped up to the plate like a champ and became mother and father to us. With only one lung and her health failing, I have watched her struggle for many years to keep her family together. I am now twenty-something with a son myself, and swear never to leave her. She is my best friend, THE most loving grandmother to my kiddo, and definitely the best mother I could ever have asked for.

    43. Melissa says:

      Mymom has always been my rock, my best friend and my cheerleader. She gave me my love of the arts, and my quirky fashion and music taste. Recently widowed, she’s been going through a tough time and these cards would make her day!

    44. Courtney says:

      Mu mom really is awesomesauce! Beautiful inside and out!!!

    45. May says:

      Thank you so much Melissa! I’m very thankful to you for having this giveaway!

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