Refashioned: Geometric Sweatshirt


Last night was the storm of the year. We woke up to about 3 inches of pure ice. So today I decided to refashion something that I was thinking about saving until next fall/winter. With all this cold, wet weather I know this will get a lot of use.


Some great friends of ours gave this sweatshirt to Chris. It’s AMAZING. I love the geometric shape. Chris got some use out of it, then he started working out and gained a bunch of weight. The man is a beast, so I stole this from him.

It’s pretty big on me. Mostly the pits and upper arms are the biggest. It’s also too long in the sleeves.


So, I grabbed my favorite sweater and used it as a template for taking in the sides and shortening the sleeves. Once I pinned and marked the sides, it was a 20 minute fix. It made all the difference in the world.


I’m pretty stoked about this new sweater, the geometric lines are amazing.


Outfit details:

  • sweater: hand-me-down, thrifted
  • pants: Anthropologie, refashioned
  • shoes: Eddie Bauer, hand-me-down



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    1. Elaine says:

      I love it! I want it so much!! also, i love the new blog design!!!

    2. phil says:

      refashion , sweater , jeans , shoes … everything is cool here

    3. Lindsay says:

      That sweater is so cool. You look great in it!

    4. Very cool, and what a find!

    5. Naomi says:

      Love this sweatshirt! Great refashion!

    6. MrsAlwaysForever says:

      Love this! The pattern is great and you turned a frumpy sweat shirt into a really cool look. Well done! Thanks for sharing!

    7. Melissa says:

      This is so cool! I need to get to the thrift store and try to find some of those cool old threads.

      Great inspiration- Thanks for sharing! :)

    8. samarahuel says:

      So cool! I love the pattern!

    9. Oh man this might be my favorite refashion yet! Loooooving that print and the updated silhouette :)

    10. Jeannie D says:

      So exciting! My hubby has 2 T-shirts I’m coveting…might give this a try while he’s not looking! ;)

    11. Melissa says:

      That sweatshirt looks so cute on you!

    12. Ashley Jeanne says:

      I love your glasses, where did you get them?

    13. Heidi says:

      Can you tell I’m playing catch-up on your blog??
      This sweater seriously ROCKS. I think I sort of gasped the first time I saw the pattern. It is that awesome.

    14. Ashley Jeanne says:

      Thanks for the glasses info- I already ordered a pair and I love them! Just what I’ve been looking for. You have such all around great style!

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