Sewing: Gathered Tulle Skirt


At my church we have two weekends a year where we listen/watch a broadcast of our general church leaders from home, and I love it. Growing up we have a tradition of crafting/making/sewing while we listen. So I made a skirt on Saturday.


I’ve had the idea of this skirt in my head for some time. I was going to make it a gathered skirt with a jersey underneath, but Miriam convinced me that I make it out of a thinner woven material (that she then gave me). I liked her idea. Then I decided to make it with a real waistband with a zipper and everything. I’m so glad I did.

The tulle that I found (thrifted) is really soft with a very drapey hand. I’ve not found anything like this except for a floral netting I came across at Joann a while ago (they don’t have it listed online, but I’ve seen it in stores). Does anyone have a good way to describe this kind of fabric?


The pink color is my absolute favorite. So soft and romantic.


I used the same template as I used in my woven maxi tutorial for the underskirt. I did change the zipper to the back rather than the side. So I measured at the half-point and added a seam allowance and cut the back pieces accordingly. I then gathered about 4x my waist measurement worth of soft tulle (I think this may be classified as a lace more than a tulle?) and attached it to the bottom of the skirt. Then I attached the waistband.



I added extra width in the waistband so I could attach a button (I’m getting much better at sewing button holes!) for the final enclosure. I didn’t have a matching invisible zipper on hand, so I used a regular one. This just so happened to match perfectly.


I love the way this skirt flows. It’s my new favorite!

Outfit details:

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    1. Katie says:

      Love this one too! Again, I’ll probably use this to make a mission skirt. So lightweight and flowy!

    2. This looks gorgeous! =)

    3. Becca says:

      It’s lovely <3

    4. kelsey bang says:

      sew lovely! haha ok I am cheesy! Yes SO lovely! I love this skirt! you did a fantastic job on it! when Can I put in my order?!

    5. Rachel says:

      So pretty! I love it, especially paired with the gold. Did you mention where you got your fabric? It looks like a lightweight polyester netting, is that right?

      P.S. I just discovered your blog, and it’s great! Thanks for sharing so many inspiring projects :-)

    6. Robyn says:

      lovely colours! What’s your nail varnish? It’s perfect!

    7. Polly Scott says:

      You look fantastic! Beautiful!!

    8. Jacinta says:

      I love the skirt. i love the colour and love that second photo of you. you look stunning :)

    9. Lauraj says:

      I love this!!! Good job on your buttonhole. I am freaked out by them ;)

    10. Erin R. says:


    11. juliette says:

      i have a BCBG dress in silk tulle, it’s like nothing i have ever had in terms of drape. you might have lucked out!

    12. Lelie says:

      What a lovely skirt. I made an attempt to make anything like that last summer, but is was really crappy. I use the elastic-band-method and i was too bulky! I still have it somewhere. I should tear it apart and try again.

    13. Kristin says:

      I just bought a similar weight maxi skirt from the Gap for $6 and had no idea what to pair it with. Now I do :) Love the cardi/shirt/belt combo – the warm greys and blush pink skirt are dyn-o-mite.

    14. Emily says:

      Pretty! Love the waistband.

    15. Margaret says:

      What a beautiful skirt! From my screen the pink stuff looks like chiffon.

    16. David Preston says:

      I love this. So gorgeous!!! And you hair is sooo beautiful!

    17. G Duran says:

      It looks like illusion netting; you can usually find it with bridal/prom materials, and usually in the spring ;)
      And your skirt is perfectly on trend; the last time I was in Brooklyn/NYC I saw a ton of sheers over skirts and tops!

    18. Katy Potaty says:

      I love this skirt, it suits you beautifully. Oh, and HOW LONG IS YOUR HAIR GETTINGGGGG!?!

    19. Lindsay says:

      I. love. this. I am in serious need of a maxi skirt. The color is gorgeous!

    20. Heidi says:

      I’ll try not to gush but you look gorgeous in these pictures! And that skirt, oh my gosh, I wish it was mine, the drape and the color are just lovely. Love the contrasting waistband.

    21. Alysa says:

      Pink skirt of my dreams! Reminds me of my ballet days. Would you call this fabric a mesh? It’s beautiful.

    22. Monica says:

      The tulle is probably English tulle, which is has a much softer hand and drape than typical tulle & illusion. I use it all te time in my bridal, love its drape! Silk tulle is often really draped like this too (but crazy expensive!)

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    24. Kimberly says:

      Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to make a skirt out of soft tulle for my daughter for prom. I didn’t want to gather the lining and the tulle/mess because I wanted it to lay flat instead of ball gown like. I’m super excited to try this and a sewing craft during conference will be my new tradition. Thanks again!!!!!

    25. lucy lace says:

      It’s chiffon! A lovely fabric for a skirt. Thanks for posting this idea.

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    27. dana sevy says:

      Do you have the pattern?

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