Sewing: Jersey High Low Skirt


I need to start sewing long-sleeve shirts and hoodies! Every time I sew something even remotely spring/summery it snows around here. Some days I feel we’ll never see spring until Mid-July. I think I wouldn’t mind this weather so much if spring didn’t come around and tease me so much.


So I made a circle skirt. I scored this fabric at the fabric swap a few weeks ago. It’s a light-weight rayon jersey. I wasn’t too terribly excited about the pattern, but I loved the feel and stretch of the knit. But as I looked at it more, I fell in love with it. It’s got little stripes of blue, white, tan and teal that make it quite easy to style with my wardrobe.

I keep thinking, I need an awesome oxford/chambray shirt to style with this. Now I ask you, where have you found such shirts? I’m looking for something very light weight. Any good recommendations?


I based the pattern off of Dana’s circle skirt tutorial, but I used a negative seam allowance for the circumference. Instead of doing a radius of 4.5 inches, I used 4 inches. It worked out perfectly. I also opted to cover my elastic waistband in a coordinating green jersey. I’m sure it would’ve looked fine as an exposed elastic-waisted skirt, but I like the finishing look the coordinating knit gives. With the structure and support of the elastic on the inside, it’s much better than a yoga waistband, too (which I’ve been using a lot lately).


I drafted the pattern as a simple circle skirt, but then opted to do a high-low as I realized how much fabric was left. I sort of winged the measurements along the bottom, so I ended up cutting it twice to get the hem more even. Lesson learned for next time: don’t eyeball a hem.


As for sewing the hem itself, I serged along the bottom with a slightly rolled serged hem. This took very little effort on my part. And considering the time saved on that hem alone – the serger just paid for itself. Let me know if you’d like more details on how to do this than offered here. I’ll be happy to put together a tutorial.

Click here for the full high-low circle skirt tutorial (and a free printable pattern).


Outfit Details:

  • top: walmart
  • necklace: Ardor, bigcartel
  • bracelet: handmade
  • jacket: thrifted
  • skirt: handmade
  • shoes: NY fashion district

Also – this is another Utah spring outfit. I can’t decide if I should be wearing a jacket or not!


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    1. Tamara says:

      Target has a cute chambray top on sale for $15 right now. Old Navy also has some cute ones. Good luck!

    2. christine says:

      I am always amazed with your sewing skills. I love the skirt and the fabric that you picked for it. Is it necessary to have a serger to achieve the same results? I have a regular sewing machine, and I’d like to try but a little intimidated…..I got my chambray shirt at the Goodwill but I’ve found some at Target, Old Navy, TJMaxx, and Marshalls!

    3. alana says:

      I love the skirt and the fabric, but if I stare at it too long, it starts to look like “The Scream” by Munch :)

    4. Katie says:

      Hey Melissa, i’m a long time lurker, but a first time commentator, firstly; I love your blog! I know I would love to see a tutorial on how to do the hem :)

    5. Eleni says:

      Hi Melissa, your skirt is very cool and the styling makes it even better.Could you explain how you create this high low result?Which technique do you use?

    6. Naomi says:

      Love this skit! Great DIY bracelet too!

    7. Sayonada says:

      I would love a serger tute — I got one for Christmas and am too afraid to start. I’d love some beginner pointers

    8. Klutzy says:

      Sayonada, there’s a serger class on Craftsy. I haven’t taken it so don’t know how good it is.

    9. Dee says:

      Can u please do a tutorial on this skirt , especially how to stitch the bottom if u don’t have the serger

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