Food: My New Favorite Combination


I’m obsessed with basil. Basil in sandwiches, on pizzas, mozzarella cheese, basically anything. Then there’s lemon basil. It’s even lovelier, but I haven’t been able to find a start anywhere (aka the grocery store, because I don’t venture out much these days).


My mom gave me this lovely lemon basil plant like she was reading my mind. I’ve already harvested quite a bit from it and discovered my favorite of combinations. Lemon basil, strawberries and fresh cream. OH MY WORD. The lemon basil enhances the flavor of the strawberry 10 fold. It’s the funniest thing.


I finely chopped basil and strawberries on French toast on Saturday and it was enjoyed by all. Even Penelope loved the leaves. So there you have it, the secret is out. Find yourself a lemon basil plant. Now.

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    1. Lindsay says:

      That looks AMAZING. You are such a talented photographer! I would probably eat cardboard if you took a picture of it. But seriously, those strawberries are beckoning to me.

    2. Lady, you are blowing my mind. As a good Italian girl I would only put basil with tomatoes or garlic, but this sounds de-licious!

      Looks like you’ve got a yummy dressing going on. Is it honey?

      x Elena

    3. kristonlion says:

      lemon basil- WHAT?! Yum! Must find!

    4. Ruby Girl says:

      ok this looks so good! yummy!! such a fun and fresh summer treat. Hey, I emailed you yesterday. Hope to hear back from you soon!! :)

      xoxo linds
      my style blog :: Ruby Girl

    5. Mmmmm. We used to grow lemon basil when I was a kid but it never made it to the table because we ate it fresh off the plant all day long. Made my mom so mad…

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