Return Address Stamp for Writing Pen Pals


For nearly a year now I’ve meant to make a return address stamp for our address! We’re SO permanent now, so why the delay?


I made the stamp in a mono-line so it would coordinate better with my various styles of addressing. Chris says that it’s girly, but it’s not nearly as girly as most of my lettering styles.

I wish I could show you the whole address, the numbers and letters do fun things together with little flourished details. You’ll just have to give me an excuse to send you something in the mail if you really want to see the whole thing.


I write to 4 pen pals these days. It’s so much fun to get fun mail each week and to get to know someone in a neighboring state or half way around the world. I love writing pen pals!


Pauline is one of my pen pals, isn’t that a fun letter? I was just over the moon to get this in the mail.

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    1. Shawn Schumacher says:

      Melissa, throughout childhood and college I had several pen pals. We all stopped writing. I should try and start again it would be fun!

    2. juliette says:

      nice! I have a pen pal too, she lives in Queens NY!

    3. Courtnie says:

      It turned out great!

    4. Rachel says:

      Where did you order the stamp from? I know you designed it, but where did you send the design to be made into a stamp? Thanks!

    5. kate says:

      so pretty! i love the lettering you chose

    6. Shelby says:

      How did you get started w/ penpals? I would love to have a penpal or two, I think handwritten letters are so fantastic. None of my current friends share this interest with me so whenever I try to start something up, it always fizzles out bc they can’t see to find the time to write something and get it in the mail. Siiigh. Must be the historian in me, but someday there will be a lot left around to dig up and learn about our time in history if the internet and all our computers fail.

    7. Love the way it looks! I cannot wait to have a more permanent address so I can create a stamp!

    8. Timothea says:

      I would also like to know where you ordered the stamp. Thanks!
      I purchased your calligraphy kit/class and I can’t wait to get started!
      I have a pen pal in Norway, I love getting mail.

    9. pamela says:

      I love this idea. Your calligraphy is of course impeccable. Your pen pals are very lucky!!

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