Sewing: Cascade Wrap Skirt


You know I’m obsessed with Megan Nielsen patterns. Maybe because she’s my favorite client, or maybe because she makes kick-trash patterns that are modern, simple and on-trend. Maybe both.


I tested out her cascade skirt pattern months ago, and I’ve been so anxious to share it with you. Now that her collection is released, I want to show it off!! I made it out of a purple heather knit (this will be the pantone of the year next year, I’m convinced), and I LOVE the drape, texture and fit.


I was a little hesitant to try a wrap skirt pattern, but I loved the technical drawing so much I couldn’t resist.

See, one of the first skirts I ever made was a wrap floral skirt, with the help of my mom. I liked it and hated it. Any time a gust of wind came, there my panties were to say hello. And I live in a fairly windy spot, on top of a mountain. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of making an awesome skirt that I could only wear on “special” (aka non-windy) occasions. But I did it anyway.

I’m glad I used a soft jersey here, the jersey tends to¬†stick to itself to conceal not-cute mom undies.


I totes feel like a salsa dancer or something in this skirt.


I wore just about this exact outfit at Alt Summit earlier this year (minus the shoes and plus a blazer). I felt so fancy and comfortable at the same time.


Outfit details:

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    1. megannielsen says:

      this is way way too awesome!! i was really excited when you said you’d made it in jersey and was dying to see it styled up!! I LOVE It!! i think i need a jersey version too. And yeah, i’ll support your assertion that this should be the Pantone colour next year, its awesome.
      Thanks again for helping test – you really are the best!!!
      hugs! xoxo

    2. Joy @ Caspara says:

      That’s gorgeous!! It does look very much like something a dancer — salsa, ballet, whatever — would wear! And I love the color, and your sandals!

    3. Kristin H says:

      Gah! You are totally converting me to the mullet hem. Maybe I just like a jersey mullet? ;) Super cute and love that floral aqua print.

    4. Julia says:

      You are so beautiful! You look sincerely happy. I hope Felix’s solution really works. I Just talked with Camille yesterday and she’ll be in town the end of May, so let’s get together, okay? Her brother is getting married in the Draper Temple–isn’t that great? I hope you’ll be available!

    5. Teresa says:

      I love this skirt! I have never worn a high lo hemline, but you make it look so easy to pull off! This really tempts me to buy the Megan Nielsen pattern.

    6. kristin says:

      WOW! This is awesome. Love it in the solid jersey, it looks like a dream to wear.

    7. This skirt is brilliant. Great balance of fabric and shape. A d can we talk about the top? Having a massive crush on that sweet fabric!

      x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    8. Celeste says:

      Yes! I am rooting for purple as the Pantone color of the year next year (remember my purple room? haha)

      This skirt looks awesome, and as always, that shirt is gorgeous. I need to buy a pattern from Megan.

    9. Ginger says:

      Gorgeous! This looks so lovely on you! I love this in jersey!

    10. maddie says:

      Megan does make some kick ass patterns doesn’t she? You look great in this skirt!

    11. Kelly says:

      This is beautiful! I just finished a woven version, but really want to make a jersey version next! Did you size down or do anything else differently to accommodate for the stretch?

    12. Kim says:

      Awesome skirt! I am going to make one too, first in cotton, but seeing this one definetely makes me want to make a jersey one aswell!

    13. Jody says:

      Do you have a pattern for this?

    14. Jasmine says:

      Beautiful skirt, do you have a pattern, please?

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