Sewing: Stripey Tee


Cleaning up my studio is slowly happening. The snails pace is certainly frustrating, but I’m trying to complete projects rather than just tidy up. I’ve made 3 shirts, 1 skirt and mended a few items thus far.

Up next: sweatpants, jeans, more shirts and a dress. I want to get all of those done before I head out to LA for more fabric shopping. AND YES! I’m going to be in LA the end of this month!! Let’s get together if you’re in the area, k?


I scored this fabric at a swap last month, planning on sewing it into a comfy cardigan. A dolman long-sleeve top it is! It’s ironic that as soon as I finished sewing this we had several days of warm weather. Of course we did.


We had a nice cold spell yesterday and today, so I’ve put it to good use. I drafted a pattern loosely based off a dolman-sleeved top I found at Target over Christmas break. That shirt gets worn a ton, but I did want a slightly longer hemline and a narrower neckline. Making those adjustments were pretty easy.


I added perpendicular detailing at the collar and cuff (inspired by my new hoodie) because I wanted to. And vertical stripes are kinda hot right now. I want some striped pants like these.


Last night I hosted a sewing night with the girls from church. We talked about sewing and I helped them make aprons. One of the girls asked if I bought my top at Nordstrom. That certainly made my night. It’s so satisfying when my handmade creations fool people into thinking they’ve been professionally made.

That certainly hasn’t always been the case.


Outfit details:


Lots of cuddles and tickles are in order for today.

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    1. Qwendykay says:

      Are you going to the Fashion District? Would love to meet up with you there for some shopping! My friend and I are big fans of showing people around the place, there are some hidden gems there!

    2. maddie says:

      How awesome is this! I love the top but I’m more in love with how you outfitted it :)

    3. Naomi says:

      I’m absolutely in love with these pants. I’m searching for the perfect floral pants and I’ve never seen any that are this unique looking! Love them.

    4. Loving the whole get-up. The top certainly looks very store bought and that’s always a good thing to hear about your hand-made clothes isn’t it? You’ve got great style, that’s fore sure…

    5. Lindsay says:

      I love the top! It reminds me of Where’s Waldo — in a good way, I promise. :) I love it with the floral pants, too!

    6. Heidi says:

      That top turned out great! I really like the contrasting stripes. And wow, that IS the ultimate compliment. Of course, I am constantly impressed at your sewing/pattern-making skills.

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