Zero Budget Project: Hand Cut Fish Plants


Meet Goldie Cruise in the Dooms. She’s Penelope’s goldfish – we LOVE Penelope’s creativity with that.


This sort of satisfied her desire for a dog, but not really. We’ve had her for about 6 months (a record for a family goldfish?). We bought her as part of some cheap kit from the grocery store. And that kit came with some really ugly rocks and foliage. It was really disappointing that I couldn’t find anything that had more of a modern vibe to it.


Remembering that my sister-in-law had given me some white plastic sheeting (used for Industrial Design projects). I cut some foliage for Goldie.


I used the previous base from the kit to keep the plant upright. This way more tolerable than hot pink and muddy green fake foliage.

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    1. Teresa says:

      My daughter named her fish Ellie Bono. I have no idea where it came from, but I love her originality!

    2. Liz says:

      I love it!! One thing to maybe check up on: some plastics can be toxic to fish. I learned this the hard way in college when I decorated our apartment’s tank with plastic dinosaurs and all of the fish died :/

      Hopefully it won’t be a problem here, because it’s so cute and classy!

    3. Jeannie D says:

      I think you’re on to something here…Aquatic Interior Designer? :-D

    4. Marissa says:

      i love this idea! going to have to find some plastic sheeting and do the same. :)

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