Calligraphy & Digitization Workshop in SLC


It’s time for another workshop, but I’m adding more to it! The Write Image in Salt Lake City will be hosting my two-part calligraphy workshop. YES. Two days!


We will be covering a lot of material over the two-day workshop, you don’t want to miss it. The workshop is perfect for designers, illustrators, photographers, hobbyists and DIY brides.

Day one will cover:

  • calligraphy tools and beginnings
  • learning the pointed pen
  • figuring out flourishes
  • making it your own
  • a basic calligraphy kit for you to keep

Day two will cover:

  • tools for digitizing your work
  • how to scan your work
  • how to photoshop your lettering
  • how to vectorize your lettering

The workshop will be at The Write Image at 2205 East 2100 South in Salt Lake City on Friday, June 28th and Saturday, June 29th. Instruction will start promptly at 6:45pm.

Click here for part one

Click here for part two

Not in Salt Lake? There’s always my online class! If you’re in the San Francisco or Denver areas keep on the lookout for a workshop near you this summer. We’ll be taking the show on the road soon!

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    1. Ah I wish I lived closer! Ever thinking of offering the day 2 options online? Wink Wink!

    2. mika says:

      ah! i would love to do another workshop with you! especially the day 2 part!!

    3. atout says:

      Shoot! I wish I lived closer! I’m currently struggling on a project and I just know there is an easy way to do it (instead of spending 800 hours in photoshop/illustrator). Just last night I was thinking of emailing to ask if you would ever do an online tutorial for this. I would sign up in a heartbeat if you did!

    4. Alice C. says:

      Melissa, that’s awesome! I haven’t done any calligraphy for a month or so now, and am definitely looking forward to getting back to it after graduation. And I am SUPER EXCITED for you to be coming to SF!!!

    5. Marilenn says:

      I’ve always dreamed of taking your calligraphy class in person! (And meeting you!) Can’t wait for the San Francisco Workshop!!

    6. Katie says:

      Can’t wait for this to come to the bay!

    7. Kim says:

      Squeee!! Can I just sign up NOW for the SF class?!!

    8. Ffion says:

      Totally wishing I lived in your area right now.

    9. Stephanie Brocious says:

      I really want to take this class… but the price is sort of steep at the moment. Are you planning on repeating this class in the SLC again in the future?

    10. Kristin H says:

      San Fran?? Oh, I would totally make the 2 hr trip up there for that!!

    11. Amy says:

      I would LOVE the part 2 offered online as well! I totally would sign up for that!!!

    12. Ru An says:

      Are you teaching any classes in the next few weeks? 4/27/17

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