Chalk, TV and Hand-lettering


Yesterday I was on TEE VEE! I had so much fun hanging out with local tv hosts Brooke and Darin.


I showed Darin and Brooke how to make paint out of your chalk (tutorial here). And Darin went to town with this method during the segment.


I was thoroughly impressed with the quote Darin lettered during the commercial breaks. We had a great time. You can watch the full segment here.


In other news, I finished this logo for fellow blogger, Missy of Missy Dear. We’re thrilled to bits about how it turned out. The design process was so much fun.

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    1. Adam says:

      Well done, great idea.

    2. Alice C. says:

      You’re the cutest! :)

    3. Ag says:

      You have such a sweet voice!!!

    4. Kristin H says:

      Love that design! I really need to redo my blog logo and blog, for that matter :)

    5. Polly says:

      I just watched the segment! You look fantastic! I love the story behind the your creation, up at night late, invented this type of art our of desperation. Your descriptions were perfect and you couldn’t have been more eloquent! And a perfect plug for your online workshop!! Oh, my I LOVED watching you. More Melissa please:)! YEAH for Melissa!!

    6. ira lee says:

      this is a great idea!!! i loved to watch you live. is that the same tv station that mandy is on periodically? she’s at

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