Penelope’s Gold Dot Dress


I’m all about series this week. I had two posts scheduled for yesterday so this is spilling onto Friday. Normally this will be a Thursday thing (as with all of my sewing/style posts), but I was sort of double booked.


I’m starting a new series, well I guess I already started it, I’m just now getting around to calling it something. Remember how I had you vote last week on which dress I should make for P?

Each week for the next 4 weeks I’m going to have you help me choose what to sew and I will reveal the project I made from my drawings and your help the following week.


Last week, the response was overwhelming for the classic dress. So I made her one. I certainly have enough fabric left over to make a dress with a hoodie, but this one was first.


Instead of simple gathers I did pleats along each side. I sort of eyeballed the pleats. Remember how I was talking about patient sewing yesterday? Well, I’m rarely patient when it comes to sewing for my kids. My body won’t change nearly as much as their bodies will, so It really decreases my motivation for sewing it flawlessly every time.


I whipped up a bodice pattern from a shirt of hers and sewed this in just over an hour. It was really easy. I lined the bodice with a white jersey for better opacity since it’s sitting right against her skin. I didn’t do that for the dress part, so I’ll likely be whipping up some white leggings for her to wear underneath this dress.


I love how the gold dots look on her. This silhouette is pretty sweet, too. After our little photoshoot, she asked if she could keep it on while she played with friends. Of course!

It’s comfortable enough for her to play and hang with the boys, but sweet and fancy enough for her to wear at church.


Again, I rushed. I didn’t spend enough time matching up the dots, so the pattern looks a bit busy on the bottom. It bugs me, but Penelope doesn’t care so much.


Penelope has another suitable outfit for church and play! I’ll definitely be making this outfit again for her. Maybe do little shorts for a romper next time.

So for next week, I want a simple woven dress. I have two fabrics I’m having a hard time choosing between. Help me pick?

@melissapher: Which fabric should I use for this dress? Floral (yes) or stripe (no)? #sewing #fashion #diy

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    1. Jen Jensen says:

      Lovely dress! Where did you find that fabulous material??

    2. I love this idea and the dress turned out so cute!

      Also, I’m swooning over the purple floral print for next week!

    3. Brenda Rhodes says:

      No. I’m a stripe-a-holic. Only thing I like better is polka dots!! Love the dress on that sweet girl! (hope I read this right. Was I supposed to say ‘no’ if I liked the stripe material?)

    4. Kristin H says:

      Adorbs! Love the new series.

    5. Mandie says:

      I love the stripey faabric!!!!

      Oh, and P is adorable in her gold dots. :P

    6. Jenn says:

      This dress is so adorable, and she looks so adorable in it! I love how you keep throwing in that you did it in a rush and didn’t do it as neatly, etc, but it looks amazing to me. I vote for the stripe fabric!

    7. justine says:

      I love the series idea! I rush through my kids sewing too.half the stuff they won’t even wear! I think I would choose the floral for the woven dress.

    8. Wow love it she looks so adorable! THAT FABRIC IS GREAT!

    9. alana says:

      stripe, but horizontal?!

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