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I made a few things for Penelope last week! In fact, while I was partying it up in LA, I found a lot of textiles just for her. She’s going to get a new wardrobe here by the end of the summer.


I picked up this burnout fabric (sort of similar, similar) at the Michael Levine Loft. You can buy fabric for $2.50 per pound. It’s amazing! I found a lot of sheer chiffons and jerseys that I just couldn’t say no to. This, being one of them. If you look at it closely, it’s got a little paisley pattern to it. It’s really quite sweet.

This is certainly not the kind of fabric I would use to make a shirt for me. Much too see-through. I was thinking of a summer hoodie, then I remembered Penelope doesn’t have a swim coverup. Heck, she’s never had one.


I’m not entirely sure how the idea came to me, but I thought about the circle dress I made a while back and thought if I added a hood, it’d be a great summer coverup. I made the opening smaller than my own waist and just winged the hood part. I grabbed one of mine and one of Penelope’s hoodies and quickly drew up a pattern. I didn’t even test it beforehand. Look at how perfectly those edges overlap! Huzzah!

Penelope’s impatience for mom (she stopped calling me mommy last week! WHAT??) is really showing here. She’s rearing to go outside and join her friends for some water games.


I opted not to put any arm holes in it. Laziness or simplicity? I’ll let you guess. It certainly doesn’t seem to bother her at all. Penelope got a few approving nods at the pool and with Chris on a fast-food run.

Felix is the cutest photo-bomber. He’s even trying to show off by standing up!


I don’t know if you’ve gathered from how much I’ve talked and instagrammed about Fabric weekend that I had way too much fun. I bought about 40 pounds of leather and fabric. I couldn’t help myself! Especially when it came to the leather. The pink and blue leathers were the first things I pulled out of my bag to show to Chris when I got home. Being just as excited as me about my spoils he asked, “What are you going to do with it?”

“Something awesome!!” I’m thinking leather handbag, leather skirt, leather trimming, leather books. . . .


Here are just a few pieces that I picked up while on vacation. I had to buy a new shelving unit just to accommodate the new arrivals. Look at my rainbow! Since I was in LA’s fabric district, I wanted to get prints and textiles that I can’t find at home. I’ve got all the basics covered since Jo-Ann is about 5 minutes from my house. Plus I only had so much room in my bags, so I had to be pretty picky. The highlights of my fabric shopping were:

Angel Fabric: Gold foil polka dot knit. COME ON! I’m working on a couple of ideas for Penelope. Help me decide below? (vote for your favorite and I’ll post the finished product next week).

@melissapher: What should I do with this gold foil dot jersey? Classic dress (yes) or hoodie dress (no)? #sewing #fashion #diy


FIDM Scholarship store: Oh my word, we had such a great tour of the school and their different departments. My favorite was the collaboration between the textile, fashion and decor departments. And that geometric print? It’s silk.

Photo by Bethany

Mood: Was expensive compared to the previous day’s average at $2/yard. Wandering through 11+ aisles of floor to 20′ ceiling of rolls of fabric made my head spin, everything was AMAZING! I don’t know how project runway peeps do that place in 30 minutes for $50.


After Mood we enjoyed the most delicious bacon-wrapped hotdog.

Michael Levine: The above three fabrics were from the loft. You sift through giant boxes of fabric. I also got some swim fabric at the regular store. Yes. I’m going to make a swimsuit. I’m crazy.

Fabric Planet: This hidden gem had loads of rayon challis (pronounced shallee, according to peeps at Mood). It’s hard to find anywhere, but Fabric Planet had quite a few modern prints to choose from. I’m totally digging the tie-dye print above.


Photo by Bethany – who I totally need to hang out with again


My trip wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Miriam (and Andrea). It was a much-needed girl’s vacation!


Justine, Jen, Stef, Jessica, Mie, Melissa, Miriam, Caila, Me, Leanne, Andrea, Cherie, Marissa, Merrick, Sabra, Abby, Beverly, Marigold – Photo by Justine


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  1. Brenda Rhodes says:

    I would love to win this serger!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Great haul! Those are gorgeous fabrics and I can’t wait to see your leather.

  3. Janelle Limburg says:

    A serger would be awsome!

  4. Heidi says:

    Felix looks so big! We haven’t seen pictures of him in a while. All that fabric sounds dreamy. I generally upcycle so I don’t wander into fabric stores very often but wow, maybe I should. (Not that there are any around here anyways.)
    So do you finally have summer?? (We were wearing pants and sweatshirts yesterday!)
    I can’t wait to see what you do with all of your lovely fabric finds!

  5. alana says:

    Did you buy the leather at a place that specializes? I was able to get some in NYC in the garment district but can’t really find a good source locally (SF Bay area). Fun stuff and can’t wait to see what you make of it all! Also holding breath regarding your possible SF calligraphy workshop (please, please, please).

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