Designed: How to Write A Better Blog Post


My sister-in-law knows how to get stuff DONE. She edits. She writes. She actually writes very well. We were talking about how she needed to write a book.

Three days later she sent me her book.


Seriously? It’s amazing. Also, her tutorials (i.e. chapters) for writing a better blog post are pretty awesome. She gives me actionable items that I can actually use to make my writing better. It’s not like I follow them all the time, you read this blog, but when I do I feel more confident about my writing.


I formatted, designed and added my two cents on formatting for blog posts. It’s a must-not miss. The book is available for digital download in my shop.

In other news, the calligraphy workshop was a hit! I’m hosting a second lecture-style workshop tomorrow at a friend’s design office in Redwood City. For details and sign up, click here.

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    1. Check you two out – you power duo, you. Love the idea of a simple guide to help me write punchier posts that connect.

    2. Melissa says:

      Great book idea. Ooh, and it’s so pretty!

    3. Polly says:

      Melissa is the one who rocks! Without her inspiration and sweet design skills, I would still be staring into space, eating chocolate! Oh, wait, I’m still eating chocolate:).

    4. Kristin H says:

      Its beautiful – maybe if I read her book, I’d actually feel confident enough to blog.

    5. Lindsay says:

      So cool! I’m impressed that you put together a book — and it looks awesome. :)

    6. Amanda says:

      Love it! You’re talented to the max.

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