Draw It Sew It: Slouchy Hoodie


The slouchy hoodie won last week by a land-slide. Are turbans not cool anymore? I still want to make one, like a legit one. I’ve got the perfect light-weight white with black pin-dot scarf fabric for it.

Constructing this hoodie was not terribly hard. I didn’t use a very easy fabric, and now that I look at it, I would’ve done so many different things with the fit and finishing details. Live and learn, right?


Chris says I look like a Sith Lord. A girly one. 

I used my hand-drafted cardigan pattern, raised the rise of the neckline (to about a t-shirt height) and added a hoodie. The hoodie was pretty easy to draw out, I just measured the neckline and accommodated the seam allowance.

If I do this again I will:

  • take the shoulder seam in
  • make the sleeves looser to create more of a bishop sleeve
  • draft a taller hood
  • finish the seams around the hood and the front with bias tape or twill tape for a cleaner finish


I had just about a yard of fabric, fabric I scored while digging at Michael Levine loft (similar here and here) and I used every square inch. It’s incredibly soft, but not too difficult to work with. I love the transparent stripes! This kind of hoodie is perfect for cool summer nights, and will get some great use in San Francisco!


We get our fair share of cool summer nights on top of our mountain. We always seem to have a breeze, and the cool canyon air seems to come our direction at night. It’s marvelous. A lightweight hoodie like this is perfect for all of the cool nights and days we get here.


Outfit details:


I’m wondering what I should do next. Pants? A legit pair of pants are on my bucket list of things to master. Cobblery is too, but that’d be part of a completely different series.

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    1. Yes! Pants. They’re on my hit list. Love to see how you get on. And cobbling. Well, may leave that one to you ;)

    2. Caila says:

      I love this, Melissa!

    3. phil says:

      like the colour and the stripes :-)

    4. justine says:

      Great sweater! Hoods seem really intimidating to draft to me. Yes you should try some tailored pants with welt pockets and a zip fly. I recently made some and it was a great learning experience.

    5. Lauren says:

      Not that the hoodie isn’t cute, but it’s not my style. Turban all the way, baby! :)

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