Sewing: Leather and Cotton Zip Bag


Walking through the streets of San Francisco made me realize a couple of things: I live in a bubble (a happy one) and my clothes are boring. I’m a mom of two small kids. I’m lucky if I get my make-up on! But walking the streets of SF in even my handmade clothes made me realize that I often put together boring outfits. Even when I take the time to get ready.


To remedy this, I just need to make myself non-boring accessories. It’ll at least help. I want to be cool like my friend Mim, so I made a zippered purse/pouch just like hers.


Not boring, but certainly not as creative since I copied her design. But I made it, so that’s something. And I matched the leather and fabric together. Oh, the leather. . . Mmmmm. It’s so soft. I wish you could feel it. Like butter.


It’s a small bag, perfect for girls’ nights and nights out with my man. I’m thinking this will be perfect for my upcoming Sewing Summit conference in September. I can’t wait for Sewing Summit.



I’m excited about the leather details and the colorful print. It won’t match everything in my wardrobe, but it will certainly add a pop of interesting to it.


I used legit top-stitch thread (and needle) for the first time. It looks so much more professional with that small detail.

Fabric provided by Kollabora and Dear Stella.


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    1. Lindsay says:

      I LOVE this bag! And I don’t think your outfits are boring at all. You are one hip lady. :)

    2. Kristin H says:

      Ok, that’s so funny, because my sister commented to me during the workshop that it’s obvious you are a talented artist by your knack at styling. But I know what you mean – I used to be very fashionable, until I had kids. Now my sister tells me I look like a mom. Its not a kind thing.

      Love that bag!

    3. phil says:

      very cool bag and great little details .
      boring , boring ….. this word doesn t belong to ISLY !!!!!

    4. Lauren says:

      As soon as my sewing machine gets here, I’m making this! I love it!!

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