Back To School: Making Skirts out of Lemons


When I went to LA, I was given a yard of two different Michael Miller prints. I fell in love. My mind was just brimming ideas for the bird fabric (find other colorways here). Home dec? Pencil skirt? Details on a jacket?


Not two hours after I arrived home from my trip, I caught Penelope red-handed with scissors and my bird fabric.

“But mom! I wanted to make a pocket square!”

I unfolded the yardage to discover Penelope had cut a giant hole in the middle of all of it.

There went my plans to make me a skirt. Squashed.


She knew the yardage needed to be a circle skirt, the pocket square bit was just a rouse. I couldn’t see myself making anything else out of the fabric now.


I followed Dana’s instructions for a circle skirt, but added a fabric covered elastic waistband instead. I like the polish the fabric waistband gives.


She loves this little skirt, but  promptly exchanged it for pants for her first day of school. No matter. She at least got dressed up for pictures this morning.


I can’t believe she’s in kindergarten already! My little doll has grown up so fast. I’ve been ready for her to start kindergarten for the last 2 years it seems. Bidding her farewell on the bus today seemed so strange, though! It was just nuts to see my little girl go off to school on her own.

She’s certainly ready for autonomy.

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    1. Kristin H says:

      Such a sweet skirt – so glad you were able to salvage the fabric. I need to make Evie some twirly skirts. Although, I hesitate to make anything the playground may destroy…

      • Melissa says:

        That’s the tough thing about making kids clothes. Penelope is so tough with her clothes, if I do make her something nice, I get all mean and ornery when she actually WEARS it. Ridiculous of me.

    2. May says:

      What a beautiful skirt! Great job on it! And truly a lovely fabric.

    3. kristin says:

      Perfect idea to turn it into a circle skirt! Looks awesome. I love that whole Waterfront Park line; it’s big here in Portland, since Violet Craft is a local. My friend Gail made an awesome skirt for her little gal with the bridges print!

    4. Emily says:

      Such a fun skirt! :)

    5. Melissa says:

      So sweet! It really is such a lovely print.

    6. dana says:

      Melissa this is too cute! And I love seeing it with the enclosed waistband. Been meaning to do that for a while. Love it love it. Penelope is the cutest. And hello, Kindergarten?? Fun!

    7. Tana says:

      Thanks for the link – I’ve been wanting to learn how to make a circle skirt for a while now!

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