Calligraphy: A Quote on Friendship


I wonder, what if C.S. Lewis were alive today? He would be a must-follow on twitter. How many wise words of his have I seen penned on blogs, pinterest, facebook, etc? So many wise words.


This quote is heading to a client for a friend’s birthday. What a sweet sentiment.


I kind of went crazy with embellishments here.  I used FW gold, Dr. PH Martin’s pen white, hand-mixed gouache for the purple and blue details, an Esterbrook 357 nib and GreenGrocer’s kraft paper.

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    1. Laura G.Turcotte says:

      If C.S. Lewis were alive, he most definite be a must-follow—love his works, his beautiful words…and you did absolute justice with your beautiful creative piece!

    2. Marissa says:

      I. LOVE. THIS.

    3. Beautiful! I want one!!

    4. maddie says:

      what a beautiful message and you did an amazing job!

    5. Jeannie D says:

      Well Done, Melissa!

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