Calligraphy: Megan’s Prayer


Megan asked me to pen this prayer for her. I love, love this sentiment and attitude towards life. Not to get too spiritual or sentimental here on this blog, but I’m constantly humbled by how much the Lord has given our little family. I’m so grateful Chris and I can work from home and spend so much quality time with our kids.


Megan explains the origin of this prayer:

“When Chris and I were married we really didn’t have a lot, and we were stressed about it.  So we sat down (and I mean like the day after our wedding) and prayed this together. And I feel like it’s really been a theme for us since then- we’re always looked after, but we’re never tempted by having too much.”


I feel like we can all relate to that, right?

This was penned with the hunt 101, sumi ink, fw gold and greengrocer’s kraft paper.

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    1. A very beautiful and simple prayer, we do the same in our home.

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