Food: Grilled Pizza


I’ve become the grill master this summer. I bought the grill under the impression that Chris would start working his magic  with tasty meats. Not so. He’s let me take over this gadget, like I’ve taken over just about every gadget in our home (minus the steam cleaner and vacuum – those are still his territory).


I love a good pizza with a nice thin crust and a tasty variety of fixins on top. After happening upon Camille Styles’s grilled pizza post, I had to give that a go. I used Trader Joe’s pizza dough (since I’m terrible at making my own). And success.

Certainly this isn’t the freshest photo of pizza, but it was the only slice left (from two pizzas) that was photograph-able. Felix ate his weight in pizza, as did we all! Above, I topped our pizza with sesame oil, white cheddar, mozzarella, grilled thai chicken (a recipe for next week perhaps?), green onions, and red peppers. This is great dipped in Thai peanut sauce.

Check out the amazing recipe (with step-by-step instructions) over at Camille Styles. If you’re dough-impaired like me, check out Trader Joe’s wheat dough (my favorite!!) or Rhodes rolls dough. We recently tried Pilsbury pizza dough, but that wasn’t my favorite. I think I need someone to teach me how to make real dough.

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    1. Kristin H says:

      I love grilled pizza! My gf crust recipe is from Healthy Bread in 5 Mins a Day by Hertzberg & Francois and it is sublime every time. Even for the baking impaired, like me. I’m the kind of baker who forgets important things like salt or yeast or to turn on the timer while letting bread rise. And yet, I volunteered to make gf bread for the Sacrament each week…

    2. phil says:

      this pizza looks so tasty !!!!!!!
      humm … does it send well in an enveloppe ? ;-)

    3. Leslie says:

      Google Smitten Kitchen pizza dough. She has easy to follow instructions, a fabulous recipe, and a lot of tips on how to get it right. It is amazing! I never made dough until I found that and now I always do!

    4. Thanks so much Melissa – I’m SO thrilled you gave my pizza technique a try. It will become your new favorite dinner party dish! :)

    5. Thanks so much for linking to our Grilled Pizza Night post! We’re so glad you enjoyed it! xo

    6. Susanne says:

      I love pizza as well – haven’t tried grilled pizza yet, though. I would love to send you my favorite recipes – I have three or four favorites that I am rotating – one is even supposed to be the real thing from italy. Just drop me a note if you are interested. But I am quite good at making dough so not sure if the recipe works for the dough impaired as well ;-) But that would be worth a try, right…

    7. Lindsay says:

      Call up Scott and Rebecca, the pizza they made last time I visited had the most amazing crust!

    8. Jane says:

      I love easy pizza recipes like this, especially with pre-made dough from Rhodes, delicious… Thank you!

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