Before & After: Utah Sweet Savings


I love a good before and after. This one is a doozy.


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I met Becky back in August at a round-table where I taught about the DOs and DON’Ts of web design/layout for bloggers. We had a little time at the end so I did a few open critiques. Becky said I was the only who didn’t say, “Well, It’s not that bad.”

Not only were aspects of the site completely broken, but there was nothing about the design that expressed her personality.


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Chris and I partnered up with Becky of Utah Sweet Savings to give her a site that both functioned and reflected her own personality.

I did the logo and bee graphics, Chris did all the rest. I’m pretty proud of his burgeoning design skills.

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    1. Kristin H says:

      Holy crap, that was a mess! Fantastic job, as usual.

    2. Lindsay says:

      This looks great! You should also take on the Savvy Shoppers site, which is a big mess.

    3. Virginia says:

      What a face-lift! And how fun that you & your husband could team up and work on that together. Love the honeycomb-shaped social media links :)

    4. Polly says:

      Nice job, Melissa! I grew up with Becky, so this is super exciting! Becky, Melissa is my awesome, fantastic sister-in-law! I love it when I find out two of my favorite people know each other:)!! YEAH!!

    5. Thank you so much for this amazing transformation Melissa!! It has been amazing for me and my site. I absolutely LOVE it!

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