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I’m having a fun with making calligraphy videos. I still need to work on exposure, intro and sound; but I’m excited about an opportunity to learn something new.

I’ll be posting a lot more calligraphy videos on my youtube channel and instagram in the future.

Learn more about how to write calligraphy at

Also, have you taken my calligraphy workshop? I’m working on a face-lift and I would love to feature your projects on the front page! Email me (melissaATmelissaesplinDOTcom) with the subject ISLC FACELIFT SUBMISSION. Please include photos taken in natural daylight (no flash, please), at 700px resolution or higher, your name and website.


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    1. Debbie says:

      I have been wanting to learn Calligraphy for a while. I do have the nibs, and the ink. I have the nibs that you dip in the ink. It is beautiful.

    2. juju says:

      I love your videos, any calligraphy video makes my day!

    3. Kate @ This Wandering Life says:

      I have ALWAYS wondered what writing calligraphy would look like. That was fantastic. Thanks!

    4. Jan says:

      Fun to see you in action!! Something soothing about watching people create things :)

    5. ASHTON says:

      Do you have any tips for keeping the pen inked for longer? I can’t seem to write more than four letters without having to dip in for more ink. Also, when I downstroke just the outline of the downstroke inks, not the inside after the first two letters. Maybe you can help guide me in the right direction?

      Thanks in advance!

      • Melissa says:

        It all depends upon the type of ink, nib and style of lettering you’re using. If you have a broad downstroke or a heavy hand, you’ll be dipping frequently. Dipping every 2 letters can be pretty normal if you’ve got a heavier style.

    6. sam.din says:

      Im a Left Handed person – shl d pen Nib be on the Left Side or will it block my strokes ?

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