Sewing: Handmade Basics


I would much rather spend $10 at a big-box store for a basic tee than spend an hour making one. But sewing something this easy is a nice way to turn off the brain and and just make.


This fabric, a structured not-so-stretchy jersey 100% organic cotton knit, needed to be a simple tee.

It’s a forgiving knit to sew with, like the quilting cotton of knit fabric. So easy, I didn’t use a single pin while sewing this top!


I made this shirt  fitted to pair nicely under voluminous skirts or with skinny jeans. Because the fabric is so structured, the tighter fit is still flattering.


The top ended up being shorter than I would have liked, but it works. It falls just below the button on my new favorite denim. It’s not ideal for all of my pants, but perfect for my higher-waisted skirts!


I cut the sleeves a little long for my taste, so I’ve just rolled them up. I like the contrast of white that it gives. I can also roll the sleeves down if at some point I decide I want a longer sleeve. Can I tell you how much I’m loving my new denim? I scored these at a blogger event a couple weeks ago at DownEast. They’re worlds better than any of the denim I own and I didn’t have to put darts in them to keep the back from gaping.


Outfit Details:

  • glasses: Target
  • earrings: vintage
  • bracelets: vintage/gifts
  • scarf: soel boutique
  • tee: handmade
  • denim: c/o DownEast
  • shoes: thrifted


Fabric provided by Organic Cotton Plus.


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    1. Kristin H says:

      That print is stellar – kinda like Starry Starry Night meets Mondrian. And those earrings! I ma need to work with some fimo today….

      I really need to make more basics for myself. Sure, a $10 tee works, but a homemade one would flatter, instead of just work.

    2. I have this internal debate all of the time. I start to keep track on hours/$ for making my own clothes.. but at the end of the day, it’s the joy of MAKING that I keep making and not because it’s necessarily cheaper! Beautiful top!

    3. Natalie says:

      Can I just take a moment and tell you that your hair is AMAZING!!! Also, I love this whole outfit, especially the jeans! Who would have thought they were from downeast?

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