Calligraphy: Awesomesauce Faux Tattoo


Several conversations I’ve had with family and friends this past week have touched on confidence of one kind or another. It always waxes and wanes for me. Confidence in my sewing, calligraphy, parenting and the list goes on.


Anxiety sometimes gets the best of me and I slip into a dark corner where I feel that nothing I do (or will ever do) is enough. That’s bunk.

I’m enough. I am awesomesauce. 

You are, too!!


The first 5 people to comment on this post will get a set of these tattoos (to keep and/or giveaway). Just tell me, who do you think is awesomesauce?

Below you can download the artwork to make your own, if you missed out. All artwork subject to the Terms of Use provided in download.


Also, if you’re looking to score some temporary tattoo paper, score it at Silhouette for 30% off from now until tomorrow night. Use code MELISSA at checkout. No need for a silhouette cutter to use the temporary tatt paper!

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    1. alana says:

      Well, I think YOU are awesomesauce. But my husband is pretty awesomesauce because he is so even keeled all the time!

    2. Alice C. says:

      I don’t need the tatoos, but I just wanted to say that you are awesomesauce! Seriously. I think you are incredibly creative and fashionable and just so much fun. <3

    3. Anne says:

      I am awesomesauce! I just started running again after a long hiatus and I’m proud of my dedication.

    4. Becca says:

      Oh, I know JUST who could use these!

    5. Leslie says:

      OMG I couldn’t stop laughing when I figured out what that said. It’s a GREAT saying and I wouldn’t mind having that as a real tattoo lol.
      The calligraphy is wonderful and the placement on your foot is the best, and the saying is really really imaginative and funny and a great way to describe yourself. Good job!!!!

    6. Samantha Lee says:

      My hubby is awesome sauce! But at our house we call it swasome – a hybrid of sweet and awesome!

    7. Rebekah says:

      my hubs! we’re expecting our first at Christmas and the husband has been great throughout this whole process!

    8. Jen r says:

      My husband!

    9. Kristin says:

      Ooooo awesomesauce giveaway! Thanks!!

    10. Laura j says:

      Oh shoot! Missed it ;) lately I find myself reminding myself that I am good enough-it is tough when you are feeling down to give yourself enough credit but I am trying. I will say I am awesomsauce!

    11. Dobermom says:

      The tattoos are nice, but I want to know where you found such AWESOME FLATS! I’ve been looking for a pair in exactly that color!

    12. Kristin H says:

      Loove those shoes! You are awesomesauce and super clever. Id never think to put a tatoo, permanent or not, on my toes.

    13. Tara says:

      Love it!!!!

    14. margaret says:

      opps, not first of five, but truly you are awesomesauce to share these! beautiful!

    15. Nicki says:

      Love this…such a great idea, and beautifully done! I know exactly what you mean.

    16. Kathy says:

      I’ve never heard of temporary tattoo paper.

      If I use my inkjet printer, will that work for a temporary tattoo? thanks so much!

    17. Jennifer says:

      Hi Melissa! I love your caligraphy and thank you for your free ones; I really appreciate them. My question is – I have an iPad and while your other downloads seem to work, I can’t seem to get the “awesomesauce” one to download. Also – If I do get it figured out, will the instructions on how to make it into a temporary tattoo be on the printable page? Thank you :)

      • Melissa says:

        It’s possible you may need to download the image via a computer. I’m able to download the file just fine. The instructions for the temporary tattoo will be on the temporary tattoo paper.

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