Handmade: Polka Dot Top and Self Drafted Leggings


Two classes I took at Sewing Summit this year was how to make a basic woven tee and drafting leggings from your own measurements. It was great to take the time and draft and cut out the pattern pieces for these babies. Unfortunately, the machine kept eating the delicate polka dot fabric, so I left the sewing for my serger at home.


The top is Jessica’s Simple Blouse top (pattern coming soon). I wanted it to drape a lot so I used a lightweight rayon woven I scored in L.A.. As mentioned before, it was tough to sew on a machine I wasn’t familiar with. They were incredibly nice machines (the price of a reasonably priced car *cough, cough*), but the functions were waaaay too complicated for me to configure in the time we had to sew. Nice thing was, I had all of the markings and fabric cut out, so sewing it up was a breeze by the time I got to it!


I cut my pattern longer in the front and the back for a perfect-for-leggings (aka CYA) top. The fit is a little big in the hips. I was going to change it, my laziness and the boxy top trend is winning out at the moment.


The sheer top is making me wish I had sewn this baby up during the summer. At least I’ll be prepared with more seasonably appropriate clothes next summer!


Drafting the leggings weren’t nearly as complicated as I thought when Miranda posted her how-to draft a leggings pattern on her blog. We took it one step at a time. Before I knew it I had a perfect block of my leg that I could use as a pattern for leggings! They fit perfectlybut I didn’t draft a high enough rise in the back. It’s an easy-enough fix. Now that I have the perfect draft for leggings, you better believe I’m going hog wild making pants this winter. 


If I saw this shirt on the rack at a clothing store, I probably would have passed it up for something with more design elements. It’s given me new insight as to what things I could be making and wearing. I know I’ll get a ton of use out of this basic top.


I’m not sure if this blue is my color, but I’m loving the way it pairs with the black pin-dots.


Outfit Details

  • necklace: Forever 21
  • blazer: c/o Sheinside (here)
  • top: handmade
  • leggings: handmade
  • shoes: thrifted

What’s your absolute favorite basic right now? Leggings? Tees?

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    1. Leslie says:

      Gorgeous outfit you really did a wonderful job on the proportions and the look. By the way the photos look on my Mac the electric blue looks great on you. The fourth pic down is lovely :)

    2. Teresa says:

      I just drafted up my leggings pattern this week using Miranda’s tutorial. Her instructions are so clear, I can’t wait to sew some leggings and see how they turn out!

    3. Kristin H says:

      Love the blue on you – a bright blue looks so lovely on a paler skin tone. That top is perfecto! I need to add more small polka dots into my wardrobe.

    4. kristin says:

      Both of these look soooo good on you! very flattering and you look totally comfortable too. I’m intimidated by the legging too (pants for myself freak me out) but they’re pretty much the perfect pregnancy pant, so I should get over it right? ;)

    5. Brenda Rhodes says:

      I love, love, love the shirt. I love the bottom not being straight across, I love the extra room, I love the length, yep, I just love IT! Ha! My fav go to right now leggings so I will be using her legging pattern and this blouse. I could see me wearing this blouse in lots of different colors and pattern. I would even like it with a drawstring drop waist added and make it a little longer.. You know, CYA. I think you look great in the blue. I have a jacket that exact color so I am stealing some ideas!! Thanks again for inspiring me, again!!

    6. Why do you want it flowwy? Drapey? Is it because there is a baby # 3 on the way??? You make such cute children!!! … Apologies for the stalking. Also cute clothes. Hahah!

    7. Justine says:

      Love the fabric mixes and the shoes are so cool.

    8. Bethany says:

      First of all, this outfit rocks! You look smokin’ my friend. Second, those shoes were an awesome thrift find. Well done.

    9. Andrea says:

      Oh wow, what kind of machine were you using that kept eating the fabric?? Is that a Bernina? I had always heard good things about them. Which model were you using, do you know?

      The outfit looks great though!

      • Melissa says:

        It was a BERNINA, but it was their fanciest one (literally $9K for the machine). I normally like their machines, but was too computerized! I’m sure if I had a few weeks to work with it I would’ve liked it, but you had to do all sorts of feet and computer adjustments for the fabric, I gave up trying.

    10. Brilliant outfit. Funnily enough I’m having a go drafting my own leggings right now as part of a how to sew series. Feeling oodly confident (famous last words, eh)

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