Leather Crafting: Sewing up iPhone Case


We didn’t need much evidence to see that my sister-in-law needed a new case for her phone. While she partied with us this weekend we put our heads together (I see a three-bodied, one-headed monster) to come up with a wallet/case for her. I have a pattern for a phone/wallet pattern and tutorial available for the iPhone 4, but we decided ad-libbing would be more fun for her slightly-different-dimensioned iPhone 5.


I didn’t make a pattern for her (I kinda wish I did, I love how it turned out). We ended up wrapping the leather around her phone and punching and sewing as we went.


We used a large leather scrap scored from an upholstery shop years ago. It’s thin, but stiff. Perfect for a durable case that will hopefully last years.

The rustic styling and minimal details play into Brooke’s style well.


I love the simplicity of this case.


And the one line of stitching down the side is a really neat detail, IMHO. ;)


Our little “experiment” was a total win. I couldn’t help but get even more excited and anxious to get my new phone and case!!

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    1. Kristin H says:

      Ah, it’s lovely! I have a plaid shirt very similar to that one. Maybe I should finally get around to fixing the hole in it?

    2. phil says:

      looks very good

    3. Daryl says:

      What a creative idea! I love the fact that it’s a wallet AND a phone case. Where can I get one????

      BTW – was a dream collaborating this weekend with ya, will get you photos to gander at soon!

      <3 Daryl
      Unlost Blog
      Unlost Photography

    4. Kristin H says:

      Oh don’t worry – it’s been in the pile for at least two years. There are things on the bottom that have been there for four years.

    5. Silvia says:

      Lovely case!!
      Would you mind to share the dimensions?
      I have tried to make one and it was super tight to get my phone into the sleeve!

      Keep it up! :)

      • Melissa says:

        I wish I had the dimensions, but the case is with my sister-in-law. I ended up drafting the pattern by wrapping and marking directly on the leather. If you made your case in leather, you can stretch it out!

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