Sewing: Striped Briar Sweater


I organize my fabric in wire bins according to type and color, but in the case of fabric that I’m dying to sew I keep it out in the open. This fabric sat on my cutting table for nearly a year and a half. Such a travesty!


I bought the fabric on a trip to San Francisco a while back. I fell in love with the weight and texture of this rayon knit. It’s soft, silky, thick with great stretch.

Originally I planned on a wiggle dress for this fabric, but the more I looked at it, the more it felt wrong. At $30 a yard, I only bought a yard of this. My options limited me, but in the end served me well.

I’ve been meaning to try out the Briar sweater from Megan for ages. I’ve also discovered that I’m lacking in long sleeve options for fall and winter.


The short crop isn’t a design that I would typically gravitate towards. However, ┬áthe short bodice allowed for long sleeves!

Sleeves take up a deceivingly amount of fabric. If you ever want to make anything long sleeved, you’d better err on the side of 2 yards. I’m still kicking myself for not buying 2 or three yards of this fabric. But hey, financial responsibility is worth something, right? And I LOVE how this sweater turned out.


It works perfectly over the few button ups I own, and it will be marvelous over my uber high-waisted skirts. It’s a great piece to challenge my typical shirt-n-pants uniform. And it’s warm. I’m all about keeping warm this winter.


I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern, I cut an XS exactly. I was thoroughly impressed how quickly and easily I sewed on the arms. The seam goes all the way out to the edge of the shoulder so the ease is minimal. I only used three pins to sew them in!


Next time I have a little more fabric to spare, I’m definitely making the longer version of this top.


This outfit was the perfect mom outfit yesterday. I was comfortable all day, felt amazing and looked polished. Perfect for lunching it with my mom, running errands and picking up kids from the bus stop.

Outfit details:



*I just have to say, these are the most comfortable boots I own, and they have a 2 inch heel! They’re easy to style, easy to walk in and the perfect on-your-feet, on-the-go bootie! I’m a HUGE, HUGE fan of SoleSociety.
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    1. Lola says:

      this is too adorable. love the gif btw

    2. I love the reverse dip hem. And any sweater that’s modelled onq a spinny chair is always going to be aces in my book! Great job Melissa.

    3. megannielsen says:

      I love this honey!! I’m so glad you like how your sweater turned out!! That fabric is just perfect for your Briar – i have a reallllly similar yardage that i’ve been saving, and i think you might have given me an idea of how to use it :)

    4. alana says:

      This top is very fun and would also look great with a tissue tee or other layering-type top underneath. Nicely matched stripes as well!!

      I recently bought some cheap(!) knits made even cheaper by being on clearance. I figured if during my experimentation without a serger, something got ruined, I wouldn’t be too upset :)

    5. iralee says:

      i love this top! and i really like how you have it styled!!

    6. phil says:

      cool ” mariniere ” ( sailor shirt ) :-)
      i don t know how you do that but i can see a photo starting to spin ….

    7. juju says:

      I really love this, this fabric and the pattern. Maybe if a pattern would get me started making sweatshirts then this is the one!

    8. Rhonda says:

      I have been reading your blog for quite sometime.. Love it. This top is fabulous.

    9. Stevie says:

      The animated gif is great! It’s trendy and a crowd-pleaser, sure, but it also shows a 360 degree view and describes the fit and fabric better than a still. Great idea. Definitely worth the effort.

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