Calligraphy: Thanks


It’s hard to lose site of what’s most important this year. I’m finding myself forgetting constantly. We’re all so imperfect, it’s impossible to stay focused on what’s most important¬†all the time, right? I figure while I’m remembering ¬†gratitude, I may as well share some of that publicly.


There’s so much to be thankful for. It’s futile to try to think of everyone and everything. I write this with a thankful heart, feeling so grateful for all things large and small, good and bad that have come our family’s way. Life isn’t all waffles and doughnuts, but it has been wonderful for our family so far.

I’m grateful that I can connect with all of you via this wonderful thing called the internet. I’m thankful that Chris is willing to support me in my adventure to blog and teach calligraphy. I’m thankful that Chris can hone his web development skills and do such amazing things for the site.

I’m thankful for my healthy, happy children who astound me with their love and bright spirits daily.

I’m thankful for supportive parents, in-laws and extended family members. I have such a great family. I’m thankful for my church, and those that serve at church with me. I’m thankful to be able to serve the youth in my neighborhood; I’m supposed to teach them, but they teach me so much more.

I’m thankful for the opportunity we have to settle down (after so many moves in so few years, this will always be on my mind), make roots and live in a wonderful, beautiful and safe neighborhood.

I’m thankful for creative friends that I’ve found online and off that feed my soul’s desire for connecting with others on a creative level.

I’m thankful for all of you that have made my journey with an online business possible.

Thank you. 

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    1. Melissa says:

      Thank you for all you share with you bloggy friends. You are so talented and indeed very blessed.

    2. Polly says:

      This is beautiful! So simple. I love it! I’m grateful you share your talents with us because they rock:)!

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