Designed: Clearly Aspirational iPhone Case


When I bought my last phone (4s), I made the mistake of ordering a case after it arrived. The company I went through had really slow turnaround so not even a week before it actually showed up in the mail, I shattered the screen of my phone in a fight against some asphalt. The printing of that previous company (will remain nameless) was also terrible. Lesson learned. I loved my old 3Gs case that I got from uncommon (it’s still in amazing shape after the abuse of 2 years and 2 kids).

This time I ordered my case in advanced and from a company that knows how to properly print on plastic.

Smart move, Melissa.


I designed a tattoo-ish pattern with brushed aspirational adjectives.

It’s hard to see the words perfectly. I kinda wish I had ordered the white case instead. Part of me really wanted to show off the gold aspect of the phone. A little vain much? I think I forgot to include humble on there. Woops.


The descriptive words are reminders of who I want to be and how I want people to think of me. I don’t always embody each adjective, but I certainly hope the reminders will help me be better.


curious • lovely • unique • clever • rad • happy • graceful • artistic • sweet • loving
feminine • strong • good • creative • funny • kind • bright • radiant

I didn’t include all of the adjectives I aspire to (not enough room on such a small phone), but some could be considered umbrella terms for even more adjectives. What adjectives do you aspire to live daily?

Protect your devices in style. Use code MELISSA20 for 20% off your custom or ready-made order. Valid through 11/15/2013.

iPhone case provided by Uncommon. I’ve used their cases before and I love them. No other customizable case is quite as awesome, in my opinion. All opinions are my own.


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    1. Kristin H says:

      Lurve the gold peeking through, even if the words are blurry. In a way, I wish I had waited for the new iPhones (that gold is foxy), but my Lumia 920 is pretty sweet. None of the good companies with customizable cases support it, sadly. Oh well. :)

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