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It’s been at least two weeks since I’ve been able to enjoy some un-interrupted sewing time. The only sewing I’ve been able to lately has only involved felt squares to make cases for our gadgets. To say I’m antsy to break out the scissors and fabric would be the understatement of the year. I have an idea for the raddest sweater hoodie, and I want it yesterday. 

The fact that I bought the sweetest emerald velvet and it’s just sitting (prewashed!) on my desk is just killer! I’m mostly okay with it. Chris and I have been working our tails on polishing off the finishing touches to I Still Love Calligraphy before Cyber Monday. It’s been brutal, but I’m so excited about the upcoming changes to the site.


Meanwhile, I’m over at Adventures in Dressmaking sharing my favorite handmade outfit for the Holiday season. Click here for the full post.


Outfit details:


Also, I’m over at the Curious Calligrapher sharing tips on calligraphy! Click here for the full post


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    1. It’s lovely, Melissa! As always! The calligraphy stuff is amazing as well!

      I haven’t had much uninterrupted sewing time the past few weeks, either! Looking forward to the long weekend next week!

      • Melissa says:

        GAH!! Same here. We’ll be at my in-law’s where she JUST installed a long-arm quilter. WAHHHHH!!! She also has a fabulous cover stitch machine that I plan on taking advantage of as well.

    2. beccy bingham says:

      I love that you still rock the me(el) cardigan. Thanks for keeping the memory of mode alive! Great outfit, by the way.

    3. juju says:

      off I go to the curious calligrapher! I also like you would love some time to sew a bunny for my niece!

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