A Very Happy Birthday Giveaway! CLOSED


CONGRATULATIONS!! We have a winner!! Thank you all for your sweet wishes and thoughtful comments! I loved how so many of you want to learn calligraphy for service-oriented purposes.

I chose sort of randomly. I just scrolled to a random page of comments and picked my favorite (because it’s my birthday and I can). I love that Meghan wants to do things for others. So I chose her.

Meghan’s comment: I will use my art of writing calligraphy to personalize 2014 planners and notebooks and have a sale in my school for the benefit of the families who were affected by the flood and the earthquake here in the Philippines. My schoolmates can get personalized items with their calligraphed names on them; they also helped put smiles on the victims’ faces.


It’s my birthday! Happy day for me! This also marks my blog’s 6th birthday. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging here for that long. NUTS.


We’re not doing a whole lot around our house today (although I did get the gold iPhone I ordered 6 weeks ago. Woot Woot!!!).

I couldn’t let this day pass without doing something here to thank you for following along on all of my adventures; so I’m giving away a calligraphy kit! One lucky person will win a calligraphy kit, a workshop subscription stuffed with a few extra surprises ($150+ value). It includes:

  • pencil
  • pencil sharpener
  • nib holder
  • 2 pen nibs (Brause ef66 and Hunt 22b)
  • acrylic ink
  • cleaning wipes
  • a paper sampling (tracing, gridded and plain)
  • lettering guide and alphabet sheets
  • 1 coupon code for istilllovecalligraphy.com workshop
  • and a few extra good surprises

The giveaway closes Wednesday, November 6, and the winner will be announced November 7. To enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me what you would do with your new calligraphy hobby
  • Comment before November 6 (11:59 PM MST)
  • US and International entries welcome

For a better chance, do the following (leave a separate comment with your username for each one):

  • Follow on Facebook
  • Follow on Instagram
  • Follow on Pinterest
  • Post about the giveaway on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter (leave the link)

Good luck!!

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    1. Melissa says:

      I follow you on instagram: @_melissaanderson_

    2. Melissa says:

      and I follow you on pinterest: @miss_a

    3. eva grace parcon says:

      Facebook: Eva Grace Parcon

    4. Brooke M. says:

      So many things I could do with this! I’d love to make pretty prints!

    5. Joe M. says:

      I have a friend that I would LOVE to give this gift to!

    6. Mel says:

      I would use it for holiday cards!!

    7. Brooke says:

      I could definitely use this for my business!

    8. Jessica says:

      My handwriting could use some help!

    9. Lisa Wolf says:

      AMY WEBBER (webberae02) deserves this set! She selflessly gives her time, money, and creativity to all of her friends helping them plan weddings, showers, and all types of celebrations! Winning this set would probably be the first time in awhile she has gotten something for herself to play around with!

    10. Brian H says:

      Can we give this to someone as Christmas gift? That’s what I’d love to do with it!

    11. Tippie says:

      What a great giveaway! I’d love to learn calligraphy

    12. Shannon says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’d love to make pretty cards.

    13. Brooke Barnett says:

      I’ve always loved everything to do with handwriting. This would be so fun to win!

    14. Lindsay Haleck says:

      I would LOVE to win this! I have been asking my hubby to get this for me – for Christmas, for Valentines, For Mothers Day, For my Birthday and again for Christmas. I don’t think he gets the hint.

      If I won, I would definitely start sending snail mail more. I would make some beautiful art for my home and maybe start and etsy shop?

    15. Lindsay Haleck says:

      I also follow you on Pinterest


    16. Lindsay Haleck says:

      I follow/ liked you on FB, too


    17. Lindsay Haleck says:

      I also follow you on Instagram!


    18. Chloe S says:

      WHAT. Happy birthday! Crazy that you have been doing it that long. Kudos to you for not getting burnt out and continuing to do what you love enthusiastically.

      Uh, greatest giveaway ever! I would make shweeeeet posters and stationary sets and give them as gifts. Also, I would probably jump up and down squeaking to my engaged friends about doing all of their invitations.

    19. Chloe S says:

      Following via facebook, oooof course.

    20. Chloe S says:

      Aaaand it would be my pleasure to follow you on pinterest! You can find me at pinterest.com/chloetate :)

    21. Kristin says:

      After I complete the course, I will design my own holiday cards and address them with my lovely new script. I really hope I win!
      Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

    22. Emma Ball says:

      What WOULDNT I do with a new found calligraphy skill?! Everything would be calligraphied up!

    23. Emma Ball says:

      I follow on facebook! Cause your rock!

    24. Emma Ball says:

      And of course on Instagram. I think Instagram is my favorite. I’m @MrsEmmaBall

    25. Emma Ball says:

      I now follow you on Pinterest also.

    26. Sara says:

      I would love to learn to calligraphy! I’ve been itching to try it for ages. As a graphic designer, I think it would be an amazing skill to add to my arsenal. I’d love to get into making hand lettered stationery. I’m such a sucker for it I’d love to contribute to something I love so much!

    27. Lindsey Denning says:

      I would write love letters to my husband! They should be as pretty as our love is.

    28. Casey says:

      Dying to know who won?! (my fingers are crossed!!)

    29. Lindsey Denning says:

      Facebook username: Lindsey Denning

    30. Lindsey Denning says:

      Pintrest: Lindsey Denning

    31. Lindsey Denning says:

      @lindseydenning instagram

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