Sewing: Leather & Ponte Knit Wiggle Skirt


I’ve had this gorgeous leather since my LA trip in May. I’ve known all along that I’ve wanted to make a leather skirt. After seeing my friend wear a leather and ponte knit blocked skirt, I knew for sure that I wanted to knock it off. Mustering the guts to work out a pattern and actually cut the leather has taken some time, however.


Not having the most confidence in the world, I opted to draft a dart-less pattern from my wiggle skirt block. I borrowed Franciane’s skirt to make sure that the proportions of leather and knit were just right then went to town.


And I was too lazy to make a muslin. Scary. I should’ve done a faux leather for the muslin, because I learned quite a few things along the way. And I messed up in a few spots. Do you see the puckering in the back zip? Yikes.


The knit I had on hand was not quite right. It completely justified a trip to JoAnn to see if they’d have anything remotely close to what I had in mind. Surprise, surprise, they had this lovely (super stretchy with great recovery) ponte-ish knit.


I didn’t need much give since I was planning on a zipper for the waist, but I wanted it to have enough stretch that it would compensate for any fit issues on my part (as I’m no expert pattern drafter). Turns out it was a really great idea on my part. I should’ve cut the skirt a little bit bigger especially in the thighs, but it’s not the end of the world.


The tightness creates of a va-va-voom effect. It’s a little more restricting than my other pencil skirts, but that’s not a problem. This is a dry clean only piece, so I won’t want to wear it while chasing my kids anyway. I will, however be applying nikwax to protect the leather from damage.


I don’t have big hips or thighs, so it really accentuates any hourglass that I may have. I’d say this kind of piece would be great on any body type.


Outfit Details:


I’m trying something new. Above is a list of similar leather skirts to the one I made. All are under $89. There’s even one for $10 – a great way to see if leather skirts are your style.

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    1. katie says:

      Love it, great job and love how you styled it.

    2. Slip says:

      I’ve never heard the phrase wiggle skirt. What makes it a wiggle?

    3. Jennifer Jensen says:

      Love, love, love this! You are seriously so talented.

    4. Kristin H says:

      Ah! I looove it. Especially the grey with peach – ome of my favorite color combos.

      Ponte knit is one of my favorite fabrics (flatters and smooths any figure) and leather, mmm, I could wander around with my nose buried in it all day.

    5. Merrick says:

      Seriously, I love this so much.

    6. phil says:

      Classy :-)

    7. I’ve really been liking the knit and leather combos lately! I seriously had a hard time figuring out which was the leather and which was the knit until the picture second from the bottom, I imagine it’s more obvious in real life. The fit looks really great on you!

    8. iralee says:

      love it!!!

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