Sewing Stockings With Leather & Chambray


This Christmas threw me for a loop. It fell so close to Thanksgiving (apparently it’s the last time in a million something years it will happen that way). I felt rushed.


I also got sick. The state of Utah has all been passing around some miserable intestinal bug. And I caught it. I was in bed for two days. Leaving Christmas to the last minute. Literally.

I had the fabric laid out and the patterns all cut, but it wasn’t until 1am Christmas morning that I was able to sew these babies up.


Instead of embroidering the names on the stockings, I just made quick calligraphed tags and tied them on with baker’s twine. It was simple, but created a really fun, simple Christmas feel.

I was channeling a more traditional style after watching The Polar Express. Has anyone else noticed the calligraphy in the note from Santa at the end? Maybe that’s just a me thing to do? I decided that Santa likes traditional Copperplate stylings.


I drafted the stocking pattern by hand. I wanted to get as many stockings out of the 3/4 yard of chambray I got from Michael Levine as possible. I used this mocha chambray, courtesy of Michael Levine.

So this was the size I settled on. It’s something like 7 inches by 20 inches. Plenty big for candy bars and art supplies (my ideal stocking stuffers).


The top of the stocking is made out of an interlock knit, kind of a-typical, but softer and fluffier than cotton but not felt. I didn’t want to do fleece or felt. I feel like sometimes felt doesn’t age well (unless you get the nice stuff, and I didn’t have any around at 1am). If I were to do it again, I might go for a minky or faux fur. But the interlock is soft and simple.

The interior is a simple white cotton poplin.


I also used a bright red leather for the tabs at the top. It’s a fun little detail that screams “Melissa made this”. Maybe next year I’ll have a mantle to hang these stockings from! We already have the fireplace, I just want some kind of shelf or mantle above!

I hope your Christmas was fun and family-filled! Also, anyone else leave Holiday decor or gifts to the last minute like me? I’d love some solidarity here.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Yup- I’m a last minute girl. Talk about making a trip for more thread at 7:30pm Christmas Eve (making it to the store just before closing). Then sewing and giving up at 11 because of machine problems (I’ve learned to never sew angry or frustrated.) Fortunately, the gift was not to be delivered until late on Christmas and my family opted to lay low on Christmas anyways, so it all got done!

  2. Kristin H says:

    Dont you worry – I have been so swamped with dress alterations and perpetual colds that all my sewing was done the day before Christmas Eve. By all my sewing I mean, the list got scrapped and only one thing item was left on the list: the baby’s stocking. Poor Graham’s stocking ended up with smudged glitter paint all over the cuff, instead of his name written neatly. And yes, I left it that way. It’s so tacky, but hey, it matches the childhood stocking my hubby and I use ;) Some day, I hope to make pretty stockings like yours.(chambray and leather? Swoon.)

  3. Erin R. says:

    These are fabulous.

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