Inspirational Calligraphy: Gold Glam


I had the pleasure to contribute some calligraphy for a photoshoot a couple weeks ago. The theme: Gold, the style: Hollywood Glam.


I went for a flourished style with more traditional notes. But little nods to contemporary styling with the angled baseline

I just went for it, not knowing the overall look of the shoot. I’m stoked at how well it all fit together.



For the boutonnière cards, I went lowercase and simple, with a little flourish.


For the place cards I went more traditional and fancypants with lots of flourishes with each name.


Learn how to use the pointed pen with my online calligraphy class at I Still Love Calligraphy.

TFDS: bride & groom stylized shoot from Jesse & Kimberly Moore on Vimeo.

View the video above to see more.


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    1. shawn says:

      beautiful job! can i ask – what ink did you use?

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