Letter Lover Calligraphy + 30 % Off Silhouette Promo


Chris keeps asking me why I’m going to such great lengths on preparations for Alt Summit. He’s very supportive; buying me more decal material when I mess up the one sheet I have, meeting with one of my friends to pick up the surprise for this year’s business card (still not done) and feeding kids while I’m sewing and lettering like a maniac.

As I was planning my outfits, I decided I needed to do another printed shirt as a “resume” of what  I can do (see last year’s). I was trying to come up with something cheeky like “this is what a calligrapher looks like”. Alas pretty words, not clever ones, are my expertise. So I opted for a simple “Letter Lover” in the shape of a heart. A nod to Megan’s brilliant heart sweater.


I struggled to figure out if I should go with a black decal or go blingy with a shimmery metallic. The metallic won out.


I’m loving the mixed metallics trend I’ve seen pop up here and there, so I decided I need to roll with that next week. This will be part of my Wednesday outfits at Alt Summit. I can’t wait to go! Oh wait! I can! There’s so much to do! I haven’t even started printing my business cards (letterpress plates coming tomorrow!).

Yesterday, I designed and finished this shirt, sewed another shirt and tie dye skinny jeans from scratch. All that’s left are cards, signage, one shirt and two skirts! Totally doable in 7 days.


As I was working on the design for this sweatshirt, I was thinking about the actual time it takes me to write a post like this. Just an FYI (since we’re all about blogging and prep work at the moment), here’s the breakdown:

  • drafting and designing the decal: 90 minutes
  • cutting and ironing: 30 minutes
  • minor fixes to the fit of the sweatshirt: 5 minutes
  • hair, make-up and styling: 60 minutes
  • shooting and editing photos: 30 minutes
  • writing the post: 30 minutes

That’s just over 4 hours for one of my smaller posts (no tutorials included). I’d like to get faster in these processes, but I don’t know how much faster I could really get sometimes. Blogging just takes a lot of time. I still love it anyway.


Outfit details:



Also, Silhouette is offering 30% most items in their shop. This basically applies to supplies and extras like heat transfer and vinyl (my two favorites), stamps and more. Use code MELISSA at check out for the discount. Click here to shopThe 30% discount does NOT apply to the machines, gift cards, $10/$25 download cards, shapes, out of stock items or subscriptions. 


I am a Silhouette affiliate. I wouldn’t blog about their products unless I really loved them. And I do. I receive a portion of sales made with the promotional code MELISSA, so thank you for your support!!
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    1. Diana says:

      Could you PLEASE sell shirts with this design or some thing we can print and iron onto shirts ourselves?! :) It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’d wear that shirt proudly! You can even have ISLC or the website on the back if you go the first route… :) :) :)

    2. Kristin H says:

      Love that sultry shot! All the time blogging requires is the main reason why I don’t. You are amazing, putting all the time into blogging and all your artistic endeavors. That top is boss, by the way.

    3. phil says:

      i love letters :-)

    4. Laura says:

      Love it! And thanks so much for the time breakdown on posting—really fascinating. As a non-blogger I always wonder how long it takes for these sorts of posts, and your times make total sense. It’s a lot of (great) work!

    5. Lauren says:

      Looks awesome!! I love both the fit/style of the shirt AND the lettering. Your productivity amazes me. Isn’t it funny though how time-consuming blogging is? A lot of people don’t realize that…

    6. Julia says:

      Super HOT toe cleavage!

      I remember the first time you mentioned loving your “toe cleavage.” I had never had a problem with the real cleavage, and LOVE how you celebrate it. You make me smile.

    7. maddie says:

      Melissa, what a great way to stand out at Alt. I’m jealous that you’re going, but I know you’ll be a knockout! Remember me when you’re famous :)

    8. Erin says:

      You are a MACHINE! I’m beyond impressed with all you are doing to prep for ALT! I can’t wait to see you next week in SLC!

    9. Sara says:

      Such a cute sweatshirt! What exactly do you use or create the decal? Is it iron on vinyl or something like that? I would love to know! I bought a cutting machine off someone I know (alas not a silhouette but very similar) and I love to do a project like this so any tips would be appreciated!

    10. Natalie says:

      Oh wow! I would totally buy a sweater like that if you were to ever sell that design! It’s awesome!
      I loved your time breakdown, I don’t think a lot of people understand how much time actually goes into blogging and even posts that seem quite simple!

    11. Bethany says:

      This is awesome!!! Yeah, I love this. Add it to your shop!

    12. Good choice with the metallic. When I hear about all the clothing items you make in such a short time, I feel so inspired! I’ve got a 6-month preggo belly to dress, I need to make some more clothes!

      • Melissa says:

        Dressing a prego belly can be so challenging, right? I did Alt Summit 8 1/2 months pregnant (3 years ago). Although it’s hard to feel both cute and comfy, everyone loves a baby bump.

    13. Lady ID says:

      Lovely top. Going metallic was a wonderful choice.

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