Calligraphy Collaboration with Ticket Chocolate


I recently finished up a collaboration on some packaging calligraphy for Ticket Chocolate just in time for Valentine’s day! Ticket Chocolate is a fun chocolate company that makes indulgent chocolate sticks for hot chocolate. They’re (if I had to use only one descriptive word) delicious.


The process was so fun. I just ran with it and lettered whatever I wanted! My kind of freelance work, if you ask me. Amberlee was a dream to work with.


I’m hoping to unleash even more craftiness for this upcoming Valentine’s day. It’s Penelope’s first year for doing Valentine’s at school and I’m hoping to do a couple of cool things for a few friends as well. Let’s hope that I have enough gusto to follow through on my creative fantasies.

What are your plans for Valentine’s festivities?

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    1. Rachel says:

      Oh my, that packaging is seriously adorable! Great job on the lettering, it fits perfectly.

    2. Kate @ This Wandering Life says:

      Nice new blog background! We don’t do Valentine’s Day in our family, but these are pretty!

    3. Magda says:

      I love your blog.
      Thanks so much for sharing.
      I am just a beginner in this field and this blog gives me that push!!

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