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Friday’s Alt Summit ensemble took on a different look as well. The skirt I started to make totally bombed. Instead of freaking out at the last minute, I simply adjusted my expectations. Chris was so proud! I grabbed my floor-length chiffon skirt and kept on going.


The floor length skirt paired with the light pink fabric I had planned for the top top ended up looking horrible under natural and artificial light. They were just the wrong pinks that they just vibrated against each other. More expectations adjusted. I wasn’t about to go out and buy more fabric to match, so I looked to my stash to see what I could work with.


Et voila. I didn’t add any leather details on the shoulders as planned. In fact, I don’t know why I didn’t! I think I was in such a rush to finish something that I just forgot that plan altogether. I modified my basic tee pattern to include very drapey sleeves.


I think the overall vision worked great.


It’s not necessarily my “style”, but it was exactly the piece I needed to bring the whole ensemble (live floral crown included) together. It also worked perfectly with the vision I had of our Secret Garden Party.


Now I can’t quite tell if I still like the top or not. I LOVE the print, but I’m not entirely sure the colorway is flattering on me. Sometimes I feel like there’s not enough contrast between my skin tone and the fabric so I look semi-amorphous while wearing it. It’s also sheer, which means I have to wear layers underneath. I don’t like wearing layers if I don’t have to.


I need to give this top a chance. But I may end up just giving it to someone who will wear it more than I will.


I LOVE the fit, though. The flutter sleeves are so fun to wear. I have plans to sew more tops like this in the future. Maybe a dress like this would be fun in the summer months? I can’t think about summer now. We just got about 3 inches of sloshy snow. And I think it’s going to keep coming. Must. Make. More. Winter. Clothes!


Outfit details:



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    1. erin says:

      Lovely, lovely outfit!

    2. Rebecca Pelletier says:

      Love it and you are wearing it beautifully. Did you line the top and if so the whole body?

    3. Kristie says:

      It looks gorgeous on you! But I am like you, if I don’t have to wear layers I don’t want to!

    4. Kristin H says:

      Am I crazy to think that a peter pan collar in an outrageous color (like neon green) would liven the top up? Or maybe just a bright cruelan blue binding on the neck? Or wear it over a sheath dress? I adore that print, but you’re right, its so close to your skin tone that it washes you out. Looove the top and the skirt – so flowy and perfect for a garden party. Oh, what if you did a gold/ silver sequin peter pan collar??

    5. Kristin H says:

      And prize for the most disjointed comment ever! Yikes…

    6. gabrielle z says:

      I LOVE that skirt so much and I think the colors of the skirt/top are fantastic! And I think they work on you!! It makes me think of a modern twist on some of the Downton Abbey outfits recently

    7. Well, I’m not seeing the problem. I think it’s marvelous! I love the top with your hair down and foxy in the second to last pic. :-)

    8. iralee says:

      i love love love that skirt!!! and i think it looks pretty on you!

    9. Tamara says:

      LOVE that top! You can send it to me! lol Floral, flowy and chiffon are my trifecta.
      The outfit looked perfect for the secret garden theme party though. Great job!

    10. maddie says:

      Okay, I thought your previous make was the best, but not so. This is amazing!

    11. PAMELA says:

      Not that I don’t think your outfit is lovely, but I LOVE your glasses! I know they are Rayban but do you happen to know what style they are?

    12. Jen says:

      I think the colors and the pattern of the top are just lovely on you. It’s certainly not high contrast from your tone, but it works. I’d be tempted to try the top with a pair of skinnies and a pop of color in your shoes.

    13. Jennifer says:

      Melissa, I just found your blog and I’m flashing back and forth from page to page, but I MUST ask, do you have a tutorial for that skirt? That is precisely the one I’m hoping to make, though I’ve never sewn with chiffon before. I’m so eager to hear more!

    14. Sassy T says:

      Would you mind me sharing any of your projects on SSB in the future? I link to your post and let you know when.

    15. Lindsey d says:

      I love that top!

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