Off My Creative Game


I’ve been off my creative game lately. I’ll blame it on the fact that life is just getting exponentially busier. I’m not complaining, but making more of an effort to carve out creative time seems to be a must these days.


We didn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like I  had hoped: with a trail of candy leading to a warm breakfast. I did it last year and just loved Penelope’s response. This year, it didn’t happen. As disappointed as I was in myself for not making it happen, Penelope didn’t care. I hope that she’ll be surprised and excited when I get around to doing fun things for holidays, but not ever feel entitled if they don’t happen just the way she envisions. I think that’s a hard balance to strike, especially with the driving force of over-celebrating that Pinterest sometimes brings (anyone read this article that’s resurfaced the last few weeks?).


This shirt I decorated yesterday would have made for the perfect Valentine’s touch LAST MONTH, but it doesn’t matter. What matters to me most was her reaction when I gave it to her. It didn’t elicit a reaction of “Mommy, I should have worn that for Valentine’s.”, but “WHAAAT?? Mommy!! Is that for MEEEEEE???”. This girl’s reactions to even the smallest gestures are the best thing in the world. They remind me why I longed to be a mom in the first place.


  • Shirt: Walmart
  • Heart design: Me, using Silhouette Iron-on material
  • Velvet pants: Walmart
  • Shoes: Amazon

I finally got around to sewing this week! I’ll be sharing those details with you tomorrow.

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    1. Kristin H says:

      I totally relate! I made Evie a quick skirt the night before, but didn’t do anything else. All those mini celebrations wear me out – I’d rather just make something little and spend time with my kids. Love the heart design!

    2. Melissa says:

      This feeling seems to be going around lately, which stinks! Being a mom is such hard work, but so worth it. I just have to remind myself of that every now and then. xoxo

    3. allison says:

      I thinks celebrating all those holidays is over rated. Love the shirt you made! I need to get my creative side back. Maybe some warm spring weather will reenergize me.

    4. Heidi Lassila says:

      I love how the heart turned out. And her reaction is so precious!

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