Calligraphy: Eric & Margaret’s Invitations


Our family just expanded! My brother-in-law Eric got hitched last month to a really awesome gal. We’re so thrilled to add her to the family.


Since Eric and Margaret live pretty close to us (for about a year Eric livedĀ with us), we’ve been able to get to know Margaret really well. But for some reason, I was coming up blank when it came to the design of the invitation. I think I started 3 different designs. None of them felt quite right. Too masculine, too formal, too boring.


The other limitation was the size. We went with an A2 envelope, which left us with basically a quarter sheet. With only that much space, I had to be creative to get information for both receptions on there without looking cramped or tiny. With relying on the personality of the type and going for a simple layout, I was able to make this happen.

In this case, bride and groom had varying amount of letters in their first and middle names. This made balancing out left to right a little complicated, but the extra flourishes to the right of ‘Eric’ did the job.


The colors were greens and bright yellows, which are perfect summer colors, but can get a little overwhelming if you have large fields of those colors. We opted for a bright white stock and green print with little details of yellow in the printing and with washi tape.


The design and assembly of the invitation was simple, but special. I’m thrilled how it all turned out. I’m also thrilled that they got hitched, too. :)

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    1. You have such a beautiful family! Great job on the calligraphy.

    2. alana says:

      Gorgeous! I love the green for the lettering. Did they carry the color scheme through the actual wedding because it is so perfect for a late spring/early summer wedding.

    3. Bettina says:

      How did you get the outline effect with the names? Did you trace it? Looks awesome

      • Melissa says:

        I hand-lettered the whole thing by hand, then digitized. I mocked it out in pencil then added pen. If you look closely, you’ll see the lines have a slightly more organic tone to them.

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