Maternity: Yellow Bridesmaid Dress


Speaking of Eric and Margaret’s wedding, the girls were asked to wear yellow. Before searching online for maternity options, I knew I needed to make my dress. Afterall, chances are really slim that I’d be able to find a maternity dress that hits close to the knees with sleeves in yellow. A quick search confirmed it. NOPE. No problem though.


I found this comfy bright mustard jersey, but it was so plain. I didn’t want a solid yellow dress, so I immediately thought of my friend Miriam and her magical stamps that she carves. She’s such a sweet friend and let me borrow her geometric rose stamp (here and here). Isn’t the design simply brilliant? Sometimes I covet her artistic genius, so it was fun to be able to borrow it for this little (ahem, big) dress.


I’ve been living in my jersey shift dress that I made last year (it just stretches right with you), so I made another one with raglan sleeves. I used Hey June’s Raglan tee pattern as the base. I can’t get enough of that pattern. By the end of the summer, half of my wardrobe will have raglan sleeves, I just know it.


The sewing was pretty quick, but printing took about 3 hours to do for front and back pieces. I was trying to get it done in time for Eric and Margaret’s first reception, but it didn’t happen. It’s one of those things where I have to let go of any previous expectations or I won’t be any fun. I’m glad I let go and took my time on this one.


I paired the dress for the reception with cream and gold accessories. I feel like it toned down the bright yellow while still keeping it light and summery. I believe I’ve worn this exact outfit a handful of times since finishing the ensemble the beginning of May.



Outfit Details:

  • glasses: c/o Coastal
  • earrings: Aldo
  • blazer: H&M
  • dress: handmade
  • belt: vintage
  • watch: c/o Tai Pan
  • shoes: Aldo


I hemmed everything with a serged blind hem so it’ll stretch with me as I do. Can you tell my face and arms have started to fill out? I can!! There’s no denying that I’m pregnant anymore.

Tangent: I’m 24 weeks along now and I feel so much bigger at this point in my pregnancy than with the last two. I’ve certainly had my fun eating my way through Phoenix and Salt Lake this time around. I don’t feel bad about it though. I’m so stoked to be growing a baby again! Also, it’s been fun that Chris has kept the fridge and pantry well-stocked with ice cream and anything my baby belly desires. Since he’s been home (it’s been over a year since he left his job!) he’s been more involved in the pregnancy. I love that. I’m terrified of the transition from two to three kids, but if I’ve got Chris by my side I’ll be able to handle anything.

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    1. melanie says:

      You look gorgeous lady :) I can’t help but to remember that less than a year ago one of my bridesmaid was in your situation, and it was a yellow dress too! (if you’re curious you can see pics of her over here:

    2. Kristin H says:

      Hello beautiful! Love the entire thing ensemble. Pregnancy looks good on you.

      I seriously covet Miriam’s talent with flowers and carving. So reminiscent of the Mackintosh/macdonald flowers in Miss Cranstons tea rooms. And that hair cut of hers? She the cat’s meow.

    3. Jan says:

      Cute dress :) Fun and affordable fashion is sparse for us pregos. Congrats on the forthcoming wee one! I am like a week ahead of you so keep posting maternity clothes lol. I need some sewing inspiration!

    4. Miranda says:

      You’re such a gorgeous mama!!

    5. Mim says:

      Oh my, this is dress turned out so great, and the whole ensemble is killer, love those shoes especially. You are WORKING this pregnancy, positively, all your outfit posts have been gorgeous. Xo, thanks for your sweet words!

    6. kristin says:

      you are such an adorable preggo and this dress looks so comfy and cute! mim sure is a genius with her stamps, isn’t she?

    7. phil says:

      very nice . i like the plain yellow shoulder detail .
      and those glasses ……. they have a lot of ” caractere ” !!!!!

    8. Bethany says:

      Melissa, you look gorgeous, pregnant and not pregnant. I so love your dress and the stamping you added to it. Miss you my friend!

    9. Gah so cute. I can’t convince you to do a house tour, can I? :-)

    10. Alysa says:

      Love that you and P have similar dresses! Any chance you made fun yellow bow ties for Felix and your husband for the wedding?

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