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We had a grand time on vacation this summer. We started out with a quick trip to Vegas to see Chris’s grandma get remarried, then we headed to Los Angeles to play in the sun and introduce Penelope and Felix to the magic of Disneyland. And it. Was. MAGICAL. Chris and I both agreed that it was more fun to go as parents with young kids than it was to go as a kid. Seeing their faces light up with every little ride was priceless.

After the great food and fun times in the Los Angeles area, we headed east to see Chris’s family in Phoenix. Chris’s sister Shelley got back from an 18 month stint in the Chicago, Illinois area, so it was a happy reunion. Both Shelley and my youngest sister-in-law Brooke are in transition this summer.


Brooke’s transition has been the hardest. She’s playing a waiting game until she finds out where she’ll be in the next few months. Not being able to plan for the future has her in a rut of sorts. And bored.


So to beat the boredom, I busted out a calligraphy kit for her and we’ve spent some time working on calligraphy. It was wonderful to teach her and Shelley. They’re naturals and made fabulous company while I filled my practice sheets. Have I mentioned how awesome my in-law’s are? You should be jealous.

Learning artistic and domestic skills online has become quite popular recently. With the rise of online learning at istilllovecalligraphy.com, Atly, Craftsy, Skillshare and about a million others, there are so many things you can learn online. I’m more than a little biased towards the calligraphy class I offer at istilllovecalligraphy.com. It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

I LOVE, LOVE to reach out to people all over and get them excited about the art of Calligraphy and coach them along the way. Best part? Students can take the class wherever they go since it’s tablet compatible ( Intel Tablets work especially well).

What do you do to beat summer boredom?

#spon: This post is sponsored by Intel. All thoughts and content are my own.

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    1. Sarah Helene says:

      I recall taking a calligraphy class in college, as part of my minor in ART. However, I never kept up with it…. so many years ago. I’ve been retired from teaching high school English for almost 3 years, so that WAS decades ago, for SURE! “To beat the summer boredom?” I’ve been crocheting scarves, shawls & lapghans PLUS stamping greeting cards to gift in sets of 24 or 30 for relatives & friends. Although many don’t send cards any longer, I focus on THANK YOU, GET WELL and BIRTHDAY cards. I need to spend time on projects as I was recovering from major surgery in June & currently chemo treatments every 3 weeks through Oct. Sarah in Minneapolis

      • Melissa says:

        You’ve been keeping very busy this summer! Mad props for you staying active with projects. I’ve heard chemo to be a very draining thing. Best of luck with beating cancer!

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