Style: Chevron Maternity MuuMuu


Only 6 weeks left until I meet miss Juniper. I can’t wait to finally hold this little girl in my arms and sleep on my stomach.


With this being the last (at least we feel like she’ll be the last), I’m hesitant to make or buy any full blown maternity clothes. I broke down a few weeks ago while in Arizona because I have a shockingly short supply of basic tees that fit my figure at this point.

Now that I’m in the home stretch any motivation to make anything maternity specific has gone down the drain. I thought I would sew a lot more for myself with this pregnancy, but I don’t want to cut into my favorite fabric for something that I might wear for a month or two!


I found 5 yards of this chevron fabric at a thrift shop not long ago. Since I have so much yardage and pink and teal chevrons aren’t really my go-to colors/patterns, it wouldn’t hurt to make something maternity out of it. The fabric is a summery dream. It’s lightweight, opaque ¬†and very breathable.


I basically made a gigantic muumuu with a teal tie for some structure. I did a little pleating around the shoulder, but they get lost in the busy print. I figure with how loosely structured it is, I could possibly get some use out of it after baby comes along and I still need a little extra room around the middle.


I sewed it late the night before flying out to a calligraphy conference a few weeks ago. I tried it on, but it was very late and dark. When I ended up wearing it for the conference I kinda felt like I looked like a chevron whale, when I was hoping for a more grecian goddess look. It doesn’t matter, because at this point I just want something that doesn’t constrict my ribcage, go under my belly or makes me feel like it’s 1000 degrees everywhere I go. This certainly fits that bill.


With less than a month and a half to go, I bet I’m going to get a lot of use out of this dress. The fashion police can’t convince me to do otherwise.

Outfit details:

  • earrings and shoes: Aldo
  • bracelets: handmade and vintage
  • dress: handmade
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    1. casey f says:

      I think it’s adorable! The draping is quite nice, and the fact that you’re not afraid of patterns is refreshing. Too much pregnancy stuff is STILL ooy gooey sweet or boring.

    2. Amber says:

      You look beautiful! I love the chevrons and the colors work well with your coloring. Pregnancy looks good on you.

    3. Shelby says:

      Way to go mama! The print is fun and you’re comfortable wearing it and that is really all that matters! Your honesty and attitude are spot on. Best of luck in the final stretch!

    4. alana says:

      It’s great! You look great in it!! The only negative thing I can imagine is how many women are jealous of how good you look in it :)

    5. Kristin H says:

      90% of fashion is confidence, so who cares! really? :) You look simply radiant!

    6. Alysa says:

      Juniper is the sweetest name! Excited that you’re in the home stretch. This muumuu looks so comfy!

    7. Alice C. says:

      I think you look gorgeous!! (As always)

    8. Emily says:

      Love the name! You look fabulous! I thought I would sew more during pregnancy too but I was too sick the whole time.

    9. Jen says:

      Definitely not chevron whale, though I wouldn’t classify it as Grecian goddess either…I’m thinking more Chic Chevron Babe! You look amazing, and I’m jealous of your thrift store fabric finds :)

    10. Julia says:

      You make me SO happy! Your little quote is fabulous and I’m sharing it with my sister that is due in a week. Hooray for Juniper!

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