Maternity Style: Making Do + Last-Minute Additions


I grossly under-estimated how large my belly would get at the beginning of this pregnancy. In fact, the only shirts that fit me now length-wise are Chris’s shirts, and a couple of printed shirts I bought last month. It’s hard to mix those printed shirts with the very loud printed leggings that I have in my wardrobe.


I’m thankful that I have Chris’s wardrobe to help me muscle through these last few weeks (only 4 left! EEP!).

To help with the shrinking wardrobe, I made myself a little straight skirt that goes above the belly. The cooler temperatures are allowing for some over-the-belly action for my clothes, which is so helpful. Right now there’s so much pressure below the belly, I don’t want waistbands hanging around there if I can help it.


To make this skirt, I used a really thick ponte knit and didn’t hem any of the raw edges. I’m that lazy.

I took my hip measurement (which is the same as my giant belly circumference at this point) and sewed up a rectangle with open top and bottom. After fitting, I tapered the top on either side just a little to contour to the top of my belly. And slipped it on. It literally took me less than 10 minutes to make this thing. It’s nice to have more church-appropriate clothing in my wardrobe for the next few weeks. I’ve been squeezing into my dressy clothes and feeling so uncomfortable during church! Being uncomfortable = ornery, so I tend to snap at Penelope and Felix more than they deserve. Chris has also born the brunt of my snappiness, too.


See how happy I am? It’s because I’m wearing something that fits! YAY!


Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Miss Juniper, but until I get to meet her in person, I’ll just sit and watch her turn flips from inside my belly. The girl is going to come out a gymnast, she’s so active!! YAY!! I’m counting my blessings with all this uncomfortable activity, though. My younger sister broke my mom’s ribs in utero.

Outfit details:

necklace: forever 21

top: Chris’s

skirt: handmade

bracelet: THP shop

shoes: c/o Sole Society

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    1. Heidi Lassila says:

      You look amazing Melissa! Hang in there, only a few more weeks!

    2. You look fantastic! I did the same thing with my last pregnancy regarding the belly. I ended up having to get pretty creative with shirts at the end, and my baby (at least a week early) was 9 lbs 5 oz’s!! Eek!

      • Melissa says:

        Seriously? Big baby! That’s amazing. Glad to hear I’m not the only one getting creative with shirts. It’s kind of frustrating to wear the same thing every day.

    3. Joanne B. says:

      Hello Melissa,
      I came across your blog when I was thinking about trying calligraphy again ( after 35 years) and made your blog a favorite. I am a v e r y slow starter and one of these days I will think even more about actually picking up a pen. But I follow you daily and just wanted to tell you this- not only is your calligraphy beautiful, so are you! You look so beautiful in all your pregnant glory! I just wanted to wish you even more blessings than you already are bestowed with! Not only does your artful handwriting reflect what is in your being, your pregnancy reflects that as well! Wishing you only good things!

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