The Ultimate Calligraphy Gift Guide


As Christmas is fast approaching (it’s likely too late for this guide, but I don’t care – I want to put this together anyway), I thought I would post the ultimate gift guide for calligraphers, beginners and calligraphy enthusiasts. I’m always scouring the web for interesting things, I may as well share with you my favorite items along with a few that are on my wishlist as well!


For the beginning calligrapher:

For the intermediate/advanced calligrapher:



Grow your library with these must-haves:


Everyone loves pretty letters. Grow your art collection from one of these fabulous artists:

Check out my pin board for more calligraphy-related giftable items.

*Affiliate links are used in this post. This doesn’t change the price of the product, it just gives me a small kick back. Each affiliate link is to a product I personally own and absolutely love.
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    1. Holly says:

      Melissa, you are so thoughtful to include me on your list of artists. Thank you! I hope you and your sweet family enjoy the Christmas season. xo, Holly

    2. Melissa! Wow! I love your blog and I am honored that you would include me in your list of “fabulous artists” Thank you so much! I am looking forward to seeing you at the IAMPETH conference next month!

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