Sewing Style: Hawaiian Print Scout Tee Dress


Last night I had a neighborhood meet-up of the artists in the area. I love our neighborhood. There are a surprising amount of creatives and artists. Many of them are young kids. It’s a thrill to see their creativity ignite as they learn new things.


This is my neighbor Sam. She’s got the raddest style. She’s had such an independent style since I started working with the youth when she was 14. A month or so ago, she approached me to see if I could help her sew a variation of this dress she spied on Urban Outfitters.


The inspiration dress was made out of a knit. She had in mind using this cotton woven she picked up from Hawaii recently. The print is amazing. Ultimately she wanted a bold version with sleeves and the tunic-style slits.


We had just about a yard of fabric to work with, so getting the prints to match up was nothing short of magical. They don’t match upĀ exactly, but there’s great horizontal continuity with the seam matching.


I loved doing the color blocked sleeves. It was a happy accident, really. She had mentioned she wanted a longer sleeve, but I forgot when we were cutting out the sleeve. OOPS! After realizing this, we brain stormed a little and decided to color block instead of cut out new sleeves. I love happy accidents like those.



I love how this turned out. The best part was that she really owned the project. I helped her pick out the pattern (Scout tee), size the pattern, make slight adjustments, but then it was all her. I made her do all the sewing, and she rocked it! I did the neckline for her, since that’s a little difficult dealing with biased tape, but other than that, she did it all.

I’m so proud.


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    1. Penny Doty says:

      Please tell her she did a beautiful job on her dress, and let her know not to stop there, please tell her to keep sewing, and thank you for taking time with the young and letting them spread there wings. Beautiful job for both of you.

    2. Katie says:

      Very creative and cool. I love the sleeves and split hem!

    3. JEn says:

      So so cool!! Also love the colorblocked sleeve, mistakes can work out so well sometimes!

    4. Jen says:

      How cute! I was wondering about a past post. I was trying to download the Easter print from last year and it keeps bringing up an error. Is that no longer available?

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