Calligraphy: Line of Priesthood


I did some calligraphy work for a neighbor. For Father’s day she asked me to write out the priesthood line of authority for her husband and her dad. It’s taken me MONTHS to sit down and write about it.


I don’t really talk about my religion here specifically (I try to keep things more or less non-denominationally Christian around here), but sharing this project kind of opens that can of worms. If you’d like to read more about the Priesthood means in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, click here. If you don’t, I won’t be offended. In a nutshell: a priesthood holder has a line of authority. It’s a line (like genealogy) going back to Jesus Christ.


For the long list of names, I kept it pretty much to a monoline Spencerian/Ornamental Penmanship style. I wanted the recipients’ names to be highlighted along with Jesus Christ to emphasize that connection between the work that men are called to do as priesthood holders and the ministry of Jesus Christ.

I used Recovery Plate 100lb.  super white paper with McCaffrey’s ink. It’s simple without much ornamentation or color, but the flourishes help elevate it.


I thoroughly enjoyed this project. I think I need to write one out for Chris.

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    1. Renee r says:

      Love this!

    2. Kristie says:

      Oh my gosh how gorgeous! What a clever gift. And what a treasure. Thanks for sharing. Gonna pin this for when my son turns 12. And to share with Dad and Grandpas!

    3. Barb says:

      What a lovely heirloom.

    4. So awesome! What a great idea!

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