All You Need for Christmas is Calligraphy


Holy crow!! Christmas is basically upon us. I feel like it’s tomorrow. And it will be here before I know it. I haven’t put up a tree or started looking around for gifts. Honestly, all the Cyber Monday deals I took advantage of were for me! EEP! I’m so selfish sometimes. But hey – when a girl sees a pair of wicked awesome shoes for half price, she’s gotta go for it! Even more-so if that girl has been drooling over them for some time.


Have you heard that we have a new site? It’s no longer That was a mouthful. And it made sense at the time, but we’re excited to start growing to something that’s beyond me and about teaching all styles of calligraphy from calligraphers all over the world (2 new instructors/classes coming early 2016). So now we’re the best darn place to learn calligraphy online. ;) I might be biased, but Chris and I work super hard to make sure that it’s awesome. I’m so excited that it’s officially here right in time for Christmas!


I’ve mentioned this in my other social media outlets, but not so much on the blog: Chris and I LOVE making Christmas awesome for other people. If I didn’t know anything about calligraphy and Chris gifted me a calligraphy workshop¬†with a hand-written note just for me, I think I’d just be over-the-moon excited. Don’t you?

You know I teach calligraphy online, right? And experience gifts are pretty much the best, right? We do gift subscriptions. That way, someone can purchase the gift and the recipient can start the class at any time. Even Christmas Day – when there’s that awkward time between opening gifts and dinner where there’s nothing to do.


Here’s what’s in the¬†pointed pen (aka modern calligraphy) kit:

  • Rhodia pad
  • Exemplar booklet
  • Pen wipe
  • Ink
  • Spare Ink Jar
  • 4 Nibs (Gillott 404, Gillott 303, Hunt 101 and Hunt 22)
  • Speedball oblique (Universal for lefties and righties)
  • Wooden straight holder
  • Pencil
  • Canvas zipper pouch for carrying everything

You can purchase the Modern Gift kit here.


Here’s what’s in the pointed brush (aka brush calligraphy/brush lettering) kit:

  • Rhodia pad
  • Exemplar booklet
  • 6 Sakura Koi brush pens
  • 3 Pigma professional brush pens
  • Clear glitter embellishment pen
  • Pencil
  • Canvas zippered pouch for carrying it all

You can purchase the Beginning Brush kit here.

I just wrote a post about the differences between the two kits and classes. It really boils down to personal style. Here’s the breakdown of the difference between the two options.


I truly love teaching calligraphy and coaching students. I have my dream job. And I couldn’t do it without you. So Thank You!

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