Bye Bye Gallery Wall


We’re dealing with a little scope creep at our house at the moment. What started as a kitchen update, has turned into a full-scale kitchen gutting.

Sad to say, I don’t think I ever blogged this wall before we tore it down. 

As our contractor tore down the cabinets on the other side of this half wall, the stability just went to crap. He told us he’d have to rebuild the wall. Understandable. Because… code. You know, it’s kind of important. 

But yesterday, as I came upstairs just after he tore down the old wall, I couldn’t bare the thought of a new one going up. The open-ness is just too much. I need it. I need more light. I need more space. It’s going to be amazing. But that means this gallery wall will only live on in the images captured. Well… and the artwork that once filled said wall. That, I still have. It’s in boxes. And will, once again, find its way back to our walls.  

Artists represented in this wall: 

Me, Ashlee Mae, Penelope, Brittany Scott, Annie K Blake, Colt Bowden, Emily Adams, A collab between Brittany Watson Jeppson and me, Leslie Duke and Nic Annette Miller. All pieces I’ve collected over the course of 12 or so years. 

I had my friend Eirene Henderson help me put the wall together. And by help, I just gave her boxes of artwork to choose from and she worked her gallery wall magic. 

I scored this gorgeous bird from Leslie Duke on an Instagram sale. Super proud of this one. 

This one is an Annie Blake original. I love the geometric figure. 

I’m a bit sad that this wall is gone, but I’m very excited about what’s to come. The whole upstairs is going to be so open and perfect for gathering with friends. Stay tuned!! 

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    1. ellen patton says:

      I love your gallery wall. :) And that couch!!

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